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On May 24, 2019
@cannabis_times shared
Women Are Disappearing From the Cannabis Industry. Why? #cannabiz #startup #business

Women Are Disappearing From the Cannabis Industry. Why?

The industry's most powerful women are working to fix it.

On May 29, 2019
@HIGH_TIMES_Mag shared
Vets are reluctant to recommend medical cannabis treatment options of pets, as it could open them up to federal penalties. @

California Bill to Allow Medical Marijuana Purchases for Pets Advances in Congress

If it passes, vets will be able to recommend cannabis after taking a course on the subject.

On Jun 5, 2019
@stevedeangelo shared
RT @MuiscaCapital: @stevedeangelo icon, pioneer, activist and visionary leader. His efforts in U.S. have made Cannabis legalization a reality all over the world. For our country (Colombia) his efforts meant #Peace after 50 years of civil war.

Cannabis Dispensary Chain Harborside Is Going Public

The company is beginning the process of going public with the reverse takeover of Lineage Grow Company Ltd.

On May 23, 2019
@cannabis_times shared
Whatever #Business You're In, You Can Pivot to the Cannabis Business #cannabiz #money #startup

Whatever Business You're In, You Can Pivot to the Cannabis Business

Want to get into weed? Look no further than your résumé. These entrepreneurs took their skills to the cannabis industry and are killing it.

On Jun 16, 2019
@Exchange420 shared
New York Lawmakers Might Actually Vote On Marijuana Legalization This Week @kylejaeger #newyork

New York Lawmakers Might Actually Vote On Marijuana Legalization This Week

With just days left before the end of the legislative session, efforts to legalize marijuana in New York have been revived, with a possible vote this coming week. Though momentum to pass a ...

On May 18, 2019
@highergtv shared
RT @nytimes: How CBD, a molecule derived from the cannabis plant, came to be seen as a therapeutic cure-all

Can CBD Really Do All That?

How one molecule from the cannabis plant came to be seen as a therapeutic cure-all.

On Jun 11, 2019
@CherylShuman shared
The No. 1 reason adults are interested in legalized #cannabis (it’s not to get high) #Marijuana #Health #Investing #InvestInMarijuana #InvestInCannabis [email protected] PlzShare, Comment & Follow :) Thanks!

The No. 1 reason adults are interested in legalized cannabis (it’s not to get high)

A recent Nielsen survey delved into why Americans are interested in trying legal cannabis.

On May 30, 2019
@MaryJaneBiz shared
RT @latimes: Israel has emerged as one of the world’s leading research centers for medical uses of cannabis, seeing it as its next big industry.

Israel is banking on cannabis as its next big industry

Israel is becoming a powerhouse in the medicinal marijuana business, bringing scientific expertise and marketing skills to a multimillion-dollar market.

On May 31, 2019
@NORML_CWA shared
Key Takeaways From FDA’s Historic CBD Regulations Meeting -

Key Takeaways From FDA’s Historic CBD Regulations Meeting

Advocates, industry representatives, regulators, health professionals and marijuana legalization opponents stood up before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday to share their ...

On Apr 10, 2019
@highergtv shared
Hear that America? It's the sound of legalization!

Canada’s legalization of marijuana offers a blueprint for the U.S.

Canada's legalization of marijuana in the fall of 2018 created a blueprint the U.S. could tailor should it choose to go down the same path.

On May 23, 2019
@The420RadioShow shared
Canberra's doctor-prescribed cannabis scheme is missing just one thing: Doctors

Medicinal cannabis scheme in Canberra failing to find enough doctors willing to prescribe drug

Despite the ACT having a medicinal cannabis scheme, patients report turning to street drugs to treat chronic conditions because of a lack of doctors willing to prescribe the drug.

On Jun 3, 2019
@The420RadioShow shared
France to launch medical cannabis experiment in coming weeks

France to launch medical cannabis experiment in coming weeks

As a nearly unanimous French Senate gave medical marijuana the green light on May 28, France will start experimenting the use of medical marijuana for “about two years”, pending the ...

On Jun 3, 2019
@The420RadioShow shared
Wisconsin impact from Illinois marijuana legalization

Wisconsin impact from Illinois marijuana legalization

By this time next year, recreational marijuana may well be legal in Illinois. Legalization advocates in Wisconsin say that could have a negative affect on our side of the border. By this ...

On May 27, 2019
@The420RadioShow shared
How Cannabis Cultivation Has Advanced Farming Technologies

How Cannabis Cultivation Has Advanced Farming Technologies

See how cannabis has already helped in making the future a little greener.

On Mar 15, 2019
@Marijuanomics shared
RT @NORML: Congressional lawmakers recently introduced the Marijuana Justice Act to remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances, thus legalizing it on the federal level. via @RollingStone

Marijuana Legalization Law Reintroduced in Congress

Senator Cory Booker brought back his pot legalization bill from 2017, which would help to rectify the devastating impact of the War on Drugs on communities of color

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