About Faveeo

Introducing Essentials (by Horizons) : an Artificial intelligence bot that filters social media for you and finds who and what matters, on specific topics, by focusing on the most trusted accounts (as opposed as the most popular accounts, like everyone else does!)

Popularity is too easy to fake today and is meaningless; what our system does is basically analyzing expertise networks to uncover the most trusted, reliable sources on key topics, and we're adding more every week.

A new form of journalism is born; where AI is not used to filter content based on some parameters; but is actually used to identify trusted sources for any topic and highlight the best news and links these trusted sources post and share.

It's AI that helps scale human intelligence, it's augmented intelligence applied to journalism; and it's probably the next best thing since sliced bread.

Benefits offered by Faveeo

Your time is precious, so is your attention. Furthermore, it's getting nearly impossible to quickly access trusted, reliable and meaningful content easily without spending way too much time filtering and following social media by yourself.

What enables Faveeo:

1. Accelerates the discovery of the people, and content that really matter, for any topic
2. Simplifies your social media insights by highlighting key metrics and trends from influencers in your industry
3. Expands the distribution of great content to any channel thanks to our smart, automated publishing API


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