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We are the Nieman Journalism Lab, part of @niemanfdn at Harvard. We're trying to figure out the future of news.

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@BuzzMachine; prof @ Craig Newmark J-school; books: Public Parts, What Would Google Do?, Gutenberg the Geek. This Week in Google. Views are mine & no one else's

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I teach journalism at NYU, critique the press, direct @membershippzzle. Pressthink is the name of my subject and my site. Started blogging in 2003. Still at it.

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School for journalism and democracy, with tweets by @itsren, @kristenhare and @TomWJones. Contact: [email protected] / 727-821-9494

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Journalist, author. Wilson Center Fellow 2020-21

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Real artists ship. User experience, usability and accessibility expert. Head of UX and design at @fiscalnote. Professor of user-centered design @UofMaryland.

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European Correspondent for @VentureBeat. Previously @latimes and @mercnews. Travel writing at French Crossroads @frenchcrossroad. Human capital stock.

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Newsonomics -- how the emerging business of digital news shapes what we know and read -- is my work, my site and my book.

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Director of Student Media at LSU's @ManshipSchool. Formerly w/ Digital First Media, TBD, CR Gazette, etc. Kicked cancer's ass twice. It's back for round three.

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Media Editor @BuzzFeedNews, [email protected] Covers platforms, misinfo, fake news. Super analista del web. My newsletter: https://t.co/sjBJsNgR3h

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Product @youtube. Formerly @Facebook @vsco. Alum of @nytimes @mashable Husband of 1, father of 4 boys, involuntary @nygiants analyst

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Bio and disclosures: https://t.co/2KER8Ns6U4 Retweets mean I think you should see this -- usually but not always an endorsement.

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Former Enemy of the People, now mostly an annoyance. Digital pioneer. Mere cog in the engine of the Deep State. Traveler. Available for consulting and training.

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Head of @plympton. Doc producer of @pictcharacter, @generaltsomovie. Emoji via @unicode/@emojination. @credcoalition. Once @nytimes. [email protected]

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Deputy Executive Director @AmPress - We make journalism audience-first through analytics 🎯, public-service reporting 📰, reader revenue 💵 & culture change 👏

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Washington Post media critic. I love family, journalism, pushups. Girl Scout Troop Cookie Manager--2018-19 cookie season. Tips welcome: [email protected]

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Journalist @TheIntercept; author, No Place to Hide; animal fanatic; HOPE Shelter (https://t.co/CirsCWnNDD…); vegan; Рио/Москва; IG: Glenn.11.Greenwald

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Professor at @NUjournalism. Author of https://t.co/cXEt0xdqDl. Panelist on @beatthepress. Contributor to @wgbhnews.

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Occasional enemy of the American people. I write about news and the Internet, mostly. Started and ran @niemanlab. Proud Cajun. All opinions mine, not Harvard's.

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I write about digital media for the Columbia Journalism Review. I'm an expert in stucco, a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru (via https://t.co/neseFpUeEL)

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I do R&D for Advance Pubs. Currently working on @joinSubtext Former: AJ+, Circa, https://t.co/LkcwXOdgFw. . Help where I can. I txt sometimes (707) 209-7170. Also, I love you.

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