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On Nov 8, 2019
@FireEye shared
[email protected] spoke with @POLITICOPro about the U.S. Cyber Command's latest #malware samples for today's @MorningCybersec. via @timstarks >> Read:

Feedback on the DHS ‘Cyber Essentials’ initiative

Insights on Cyber Command malware samples — Where cyberspace meets outer space

On Nov 19, 2019
@threatpost shared
A malicious spam campaign that purports to be a critical #Windows update instead installs the Cyborg #ransomware, warn @Trustwave researchers.

‘Windows Update’ Installs Cyborg Ransomware

An executable file disguised as a .jpg leads not only to ransomware but also its builder, which can be used to create variants.

On Dec 10, 2019
@whitehatsec shared
What role will emerging & evolving technologies play in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of cyber attacks in 2020? Predictions for the coming year: via @Forbes

141 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020

141 predictions for 2020 from key participants in the cybersecurity defense industry, highlighting all that’s hot today and tomorrow

On Oct 23, 2019
@CTIN_Global shared
Iasiello_E: Russian hackers masqueraded as Iranian threat group OilRig by using its tools to perform spying attacks in 35 countries

Iranian hacking tools hijacked by Turla group to perform cyber-espionage

Russian hackers masqueraded as Iranian threat group OilRig by using its tools to perform spying attacks in 35 countries, says NSA and NCSC. The joint

On Nov 6, 2019
@ericgeller shared
[email protected] went to Redmond to meet members of Microsoft's threat intelligence team, who track advanced hackers using Microsoft's unimaginably vast ocean of telemetry.

Inside the Microsoft team tracking the world’s most dangerous hackers

From Russian Olympic cyberattacks to billion-dollar North Korean malware, how one tech giant monitors nation-sponsored hackers everywhere on earth.

On Nov 1, 2019
@kaspersky shared
Newly formed group, dubbed 'Calypso' is targeting Government organisations in India, Brazil,Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand and Turkey.

Calypso APT Emerges from the Shadows to Target Governments

Researchers believe the threat group is based in China.

On Oct 25, 2019
@RSAConference shared
#RSAC 2019 Keynote speaker and judge for RSAC Innovation Programs @NiloofarHowe testified before a House Subcommittee Tuesday on a new approach to cybersecurity and cyber defense, citing RSAC Innovation Sandbox and Launch Pad in her testimony. @NewAmerica

Preparing for the Future: An Assessment of Emerging Cyber Threats

Niloofar Razi Howe testified before the Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Innovation Subcommittee.

On Oct 18, 2019
@kaspersky shared
Prices for data, services and toolkits available for cybercriminals are becoming more expensive and sophisticated on the Dark Web. #darkweb #infosec

Cybercrime Tool Prices Bump Up in Dark Web Markets

A report reveals data, services and toolkits available for cybercriminals are becoming more expensive and sophisticated.

On Nov 25, 2019
@kaspersky shared
Our leading APT researchers @craiu @trompi and @emm_david present their advanced threat predictions for 2020. Tune in to the #webinar: Read the security bulletin:

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2019. Advanced threat predictions for 2020

This is what we think might happen in the coming months, based on the knowledge of experts in this field and our observation of APT attacks – since APT threat actors have historically been ...

On Oct 23, 2019
@FireEye shared
RT @threatpost: Hackers are still using #Metasploit and a highly effective technique called Shikata Ga Nai to slip past modern day endpoint protections, said @FireEye researchers.

15 Years Later, Metasploit Still Manages to be a Menace

A fresh look at the penetration testing tool Metasploit reveals the 15-year old hacking tool still has some tricks up its sleeves even against modern defenses.

On Nov 20, 2019
@CTIN_Global shared
InfosecNewsBot "RT cipherstorm: awesome-threat-intelligence:"


awesome-threat-intelligence - A curated list of Awesome Threat Intelligence resources

On Nov 22, 2019
@InsideCyber shared
RT @CISAManfra: From @zackwhittaker: ...Manfra said she was most proud of her team. “A lot of them have been with me since we started,” she said. “They could be working out in the private sector making a ton of money, but they’re dedicating their lives here,” she said.

Jeanette Manfra, senior DHS cybersecurity official, to leave government

After a decade in senior cybersecurity positions, Manfra is to depart for the private sector.

On Nov 11, 2019
@ForbesTech shared
The 7 biggest technology trends to disrupt banking and financial services in 2020 by @bernardmarr

The 7 Biggest Technology Trends To Disrupt Banking & Financial Services In 2020

New technology changes the operations and realities of organizations in all industries when it is widely adopted. It's no different with the latest innovation introduced by artificial ...

On Nov 2, 2019
@CTIN_Global shared
RT securityaffairs "Top cybersecurity certifications to consider for your IT career"

Top cybersecurity certifications to consider for your IT career

With the right cybersecurity certifications, you can attain your goals seamlessly and in a fast way and speed up your career. Cyber attacks are making headlines almost every day in today’s ...

On Nov 11, 2019
@josephmenn shared
RT @chaosupdates: The pernicious effects #NetzDG had around the world: Examples of how Germany’s law provides cover for authoritarian states attempting to restrict online content

Germany’s Online Crackdowns Inspire the World’s Dictators

An anti-hate speech law written in Berlin has been copy-pasted by authoritarian regimes from Caracas to Moscow.

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