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Journalist dad iconoclast founder @GeneticLiteracy; focus on Ag & Human biotech/science/sustainability/religion; Emmy-winning former TV news producer, author

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Finding sustainability in biotechnology, pharmaceutical & medical technology. Research, publications & information from EY's member firms.

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Public academic scientist interested in sustainable agricultural technologies for people and the planet. Talking Biotech Podcast host. https://t.co/JiOxHJnlmW

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Working in biotech for a healthier, more sustainable future. RT = interesting - views/perspectives are my own.

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Nature Biotechnology is a monthly journal covering the science and business of biotechnology. Part of @nresearchnews and @SpringerNature.

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I Am Biotech is where biotech professionals and enthusiasts can come together and discuss the promise of biotech innovation. #Biotech

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As the European Association for Bioindustries, we promote an innovative and dynamic environment for the biotech industry in Europe.

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Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.

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SAVE THE DATE | BIO 2020, June 8-11, 2020 | San Diego, CA 🏖️

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Professor of health law & science policy, speaker, TV host & author of Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything? Instagram: @CaulfieldTim #Netflix

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The leading community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers devoted to the responsible growth of #synbio Tweets by @mnlimas

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Biotech and pharma reporter for @CNBC

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BIO Deutschland ist der Branchenverband der Biotechnologie-Industrie in Deutschland. Impressum: http://t.co/1QGfS8vNvN

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America's Finest News Source.

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J&J Innovation: bringing innovative healthcare ideas to life. Tweets from Johnson & Johnson Innovation Comms team.

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sharing all the latest news from the #biotech industry #pharma #drugs #fda #hcsm - also see @pharmanews and @medicalnews

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Biotech entrepreneur & pharma R&D blogger as DrugBaron and on @Forbes. Passionate advocate of virtual. asset-centric drug discovery and development

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Academic with expertise in genetics, biochemistry biotechnology, microbiology and food science. Beh -- and loves all things Italian.

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Biopharma’s trusted news source. Lynn Yoffee, Jennifer Boggs, Peter Winter, Anette Breindl, Mari Serebrov, Marie Powers, Randy Osborne, Michael Fitzhugh

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Leadership on #food, #agriculture, natural resources, #rural development, #nutrition, & related issues based on public policy, science, & effective management.

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Sharing health and medical news from around the world.

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