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Canadian-American computer science prof and robot geek. Ph.D. in AI, Robotics and Emotions. Previously at SoftBank Robotics. TEDx talks: https://t.co/s0jZbwf89N

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CTO @circadence / CS Prof. at @CUBoulder / Director of CAIRO Lab. TEDx. Building the future of Human-Robot Collaboration and Explainable AI! #blacklivesmatter

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Love modular & educational robots. I run @Aptomica that will rent out robotics, stay tuned! Host of video show @Robotsindepth. Also @RobotsUpClose @AMA_Robotics

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Official Twitter account of KUKA Robotics USA, Canada, and Mexico - one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots. https://t.co/PnaNtXf3xu

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Pioneering the field of robotic exoskeletons to augment human strength, endurance, and mobility.

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WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.

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@OregonState robotics professor with a soft spot for interactive art & live robot performance: @marilynmonrobot, @robotfilmfest.

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Bringing robots into the real world, startup by startup, event by event, deal by deal. @svrobo @robogard @robohub #robotlaunch

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Robotiq frees human hands from repetitive tasks. Our tools and know-how simplify collaborative robot applications, so factories can start production faster.

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Supporting the innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies in Silicon Valley - sign up for news https://t.co/RFkfvSpBtP

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The latest technology news and analysis from the world's leading engineering magazine.

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I make Youtube videos about science. PhD in Physics. Creator of Snatoms magnetic molecular modeling kits.

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The nice guy that finished first - founder of @Pinglyapp & previously Twitpic

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Robotics Trends keeps you informed about the robots changing your life. Subscribe to our podcast! https://t.co/Eo7QwAcds9

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Covido ergo Zoom

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Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.

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Editor at the tech magazine @IEEESpectrum. My current obsessions: biomed engineering, COVID-19, all things AI. I'm a newshound, only more Snoopy-like.

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Prof (CS @Stanford), Co-Director @StanfordHAI, CoFounder/Chair @ai4allorg, Researcher #AI #computervision #ML AI+healthcare

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Computer scientist, educator, change maker | Senior technical learning designer, RnD Programs at @Shopify | Researching stories + games for a PhD on the side

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http://t.co/LKy6x9P9i9 is a place for people to share appreciation of having robots in their home.

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We are the Interactive Robotics Group at MIT, a part of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Aero/Astro Department.

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