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On Jul 25, 2019
@Floridi shared
RT @SmartmicrosUSA: Technology needs ethics @Floridi explains why #AI #BigData #privacy #DigitalTransformation @oiioxford @oxfordethicslab @Ethics @IEthics @ethics_centre @apa_blog @StanfordEthics @journethics

Technology needs ethics. Oxford philosopher Luciano Floridi explains why

Luciano Floridi has never been kind with technology. In ’95, when the web as we know it today did not exist and he was a PhD Philosophy…

On May 31, 2019
@IEET shared
RT @danfaggella: The future of "AI regulation" -- The West: Potentially hamper industry, but protect human rights, privacy, and personal security. #China: Build "AI regulation" that seems ethical-ish, but is built explicitly for cement party power/control.

Forty-two countries adopt new OECD Principles on Artificial Intelligence

OECD and partner countries formally adopted the first set of intergovernmental policy guidelines on Artificial Intelligence (AI) today, agreeing to uphold international standards that aim ...

On Aug 20, 2019
@Floridi shared
RT @ac_gleason: @DoctorAtlantis 2. Should give you some food for thought in the right direction) Searle on AI and Searle and Floridi also Thomas Nagel’s classic essay and his book Mind and Cosmos (available at @audible_com) are essential

A Discussion of Artificial Intelligence with John Searle and Luciano Floridi

On 20–21 October 2016 The New York Review of Books Foundation and Fritt Ord hosted the conference ‘Technology and the Human Future.’ Full programme and list ...

On Jun 6, 2019
@aiethicslab shared
"By augmenting human performance, A.I. has the potential to markedly improve productivity, efficiency, work flow, accuracy and speed, both for doctors and for patients giving more charge and control to consumers through algorithmic support of their data."

How Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Medicine

In “Deep Medicine,” Dr. Eric Topol looks at the ways that A.I. could improve health care, and where it might stumble.

On Jun 22, 2019
@gleonhard shared
The clash between man and machine is driven by what I call the #Megashifts: Digitization Mobilization Screenification Disintermediation Transformation Cognification Automation Virtualization Anticipation Robotization download the free Megashifts PDF !

Free PDF with 3rd Chapter of Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s book Technology vs. Humanity (The Megashifts) in ENG, DE, FR, ES, PT!

Update Oct 31, 2018: this chapter is now available in 5 languages! See below: There has been so much demand on the topic of this chapter - the '10 MEGASHIFTS that will define the next 10 ...

On Mar 12, 2019
@johnchavens shared
RT @RoboEthics: Yay! First Edition of Ethically Aligned Design is out. It was such a pleasure to work on the chapter on Embedding Values in A/IS with @frossi_t & Bertram Malle, along with so many wonderful members. Check it out: cc: @jasonmillar @ShalalehRismani @j2bryson

The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

An incubation space for new standards and solutions, certifications and codes of conduct, and consensus building for ethical implementation of intelligent technologies

On Jul 20, 2019
@cccalum shared
An argument for banning face recognition technology outright in all its applications. It seems to be a list rather than an argument.

Opinion: Don’t Regulate Facial Recognition. Ban It.

We are on the verge of a nightmare era of mass surveillance by the state and private companies. It's not too late to stop it.

On Jul 10, 2019
@CSERCambridge shared
RT @JessicaH_Newman: Cybersecurity is the biggest threat to the world economy over the next decade, CEOs say

Cybersecurity is the biggest threat to the world economy over the next decade, CEOs say

CEOs see cybersecurity as the number one threat to the global economy and business growth over the next five to ten years, a new report has claimed.

On Jul 8, 2019
@singularityblog shared
Richard Stallman: #Freedom is Worth the Inconvenience #Privacy #OpenSource #FreeSoftware

Richard Stallman on Free Software: Freedom is Worth the Inconvenience

Dr. Richard Stallman - founder of the free software movement, talks about freedom, surveillance, AI, the singularity and transhumanism.

On Jan 5, 2019
@gleonhard shared
The AI boom is happening all over the world, and it’s accelerating quickly

The AI boom is happening all over the world, and it’s accelerating quickly

The second annual AI Index report pulls together data and expert findings on the field’s progress and acceleration.

On Jan 2, 2019
@AdaLovelaceInst shared
From ethics to accountability, this is how AI will suck less in 2019 - Delighted that @AdaLovelaceInst & @NuffieldFound get a mention in this piece:

From ethics to accountability, this is how AI will suck less in 2019

Artificial intelligence promises so much, and in 2019 it will finally deliver both on technical prowess and data transparency

On Jul 4, 2019
@gleonhard shared
Europe should ban AI for mass surveillance and social credit scoring, says advisory group | TechCrunch

Europe should ban AI for mass surveillance and social credit scoring, says advisory group

An independent expert group tasked with advising the European Commission to inform its regulatory response to artificial intelligence — to underpin EU lawmakers’ stated aim of ensuring AI ...

On Jul 24, 2019
@FHIOxford shared
FHI currently has open research positions at several levels of seniority, and will make up to 11 appointments across research areas. Application deadline: 16 August (noon). More information here:

Join our rapidly growing research teams

The Future of Humanity Institute is a multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oxford.

On Jan 13, 2019
@FrankPasquale shared
"Just as architects have to think about building codes when designing a house," tech companies “will have to think from the outset…about how their future program could affect democracy, fundamental rights and the rule of law"

Don’t believe the hype: the media are unwittingly selling us an AI fantasy

Journalists need to stop parroting the industry line when it comes to artificial intelligence

On Jan 23, 2019
@FrankPasquale shared
DARPA's CODE promotes "groups of robots operating collaboratively together under one person in supervisory control. The program manager has compared it to wolves hunting in coordinated packs," even where US forces lack access to satellite communications.

Are Killer Robots the Future of War? Parsing the Facts on Autonomous Weapons

Under what circumstances should militaries delegate the decision to take a human life to machines? It’s a moral leap that the international community is grappling with.

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