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MIT's largest research lab, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. #AI #ml #bigdata #iot #datascience #nlp #ECCV2020

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OpenAI’s mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. We're hiring:

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senior writer for @medium's OneZero, focused on artificial intelligence. no pitches, please.

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The Machine Intelligence Research Institute exists to ensure that the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence has a positive impact.

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Artificial intelligence news, opinion, features and analysis. Chatbots, deep learning, machine learning, and business use cases. (Editor: @Gadget_Ry) #AI

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Deep learner. Inventor of GANs. Lead author of

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Original news, reviews, analysis of tech trends, and expert advice on the most fundamental aspects of tech.

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im like a bird ill only fly away i dont know where my soul is i dont know where my home is (they/them/birds/quantum/writing @qiskit and elsewhere/opinions mine)

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Senior transportation reporter at @verge / andrew.hawkins(at) / @vox_union

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Forever eating and dancing | @qz @qzindia ([email protected]) | formerly @verge @CNNMoney @Inc @htTweets | @nyuniversity '16 | @uwcsea_dover '12 | RTs≠endorsements

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Multimedia producer @BonnierCorp. @nyctrivialeague @thetrivialist host. Alum @NorthwesternU @phimualpha @NUMBALUMS. Opinions=mine.

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Machine Learnist. Asst Prof of OR & ML—@carnegiemellon, PI—@acmi_lab, Editor—, Scientist—@awscloud, Advisor—@AbridgeHQ, Saxophonist

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Editor-In-Chief @TOPBOTS. Former CTO @MetamavenAI. #AI #ML @Forbes writer, speaker, author @AppliedAIBook, maker of lovable #UX & crappy #bots

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Freelance AI-powered technology reporter. Formerly @qz. Disruptive thoughts are a feature not a bug.

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engineer, cofounder @unit21inc, @StanfordEng bs/ms cs, coauthor @mlsec_book, ML lecturer @UCBerkeley @southpkcommons

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policing, surveillance, big data @WIRED | alum, @TheAtlantic, @Gizmodo | tech capricorn, tip me: 510-768-7626

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Senior technology reporter @GuardianUS DM for Signal // [email protected] // [email protected] (not for PR)

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Official Twitter account for the @NYUniversity research institute dedicated to examining the social and political implications of artificial intelligence.

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A podcast made by @pjvogt, @agoldmund, @newtimhoward, @sruthiri, @phiabennin, Damiano Marchetti, @exfoleyator Jessica Yung and @newsmanual

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The Bulletin informs the public about risks from nuclear weapons, climate change, & disruptive technologies. Receive updates:

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