Idea #6

Idea #6 — The World of Cybersecurity

This idea is a snippet of the conversation I had with Bentsi Ben-Atar, co-founder of Sepio Systems. Sepio Systems works on securing the physical layer of your companies complex network while most other #cybersecuritycompanies focus on protecting the various software levels.

It was a fruitful discussion that elucidates some of the murkiness around the Cybersecurity future. The two questions you will hear Bentsi answer are listed below. Thanks for listening!

Question 1: The Russians, the Israelis, and the Americans seem to be at the head of the game when it comes to Cybersecurity. What are some other countries on the rise and do you think there is potential need for world governing bodies to come together to set better standards for our cyber future?

Question 2: Sepio Systems works to uncover rogue hardware that’s been planted. How do these bad actors gain access so that they can plant this hardware in the first place?

Enjoy the clip!

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