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Smart City Expo World Congress, 6th edit. · Smart society for innovative and sustainable cities · Nov.15th to Nov.17th 2016 @Fira_Barcelona #SmartCityExpo

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The Smart Cities Information System continues and builds on the CONCERTO initiatives. It collects and analyses data from European smart cities projects.

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A new Postwaves’ community concerned about urban, community and city planning, and also zoning, transportation and all that make smart cities.

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Official account of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities Ph.D. School organized by the University of Parma.

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Coalition of leading companies that seeks to advance the livability, workability and sustainability of the world's cities.

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#EIPSCC Market Place brings together #SmartCities stakeholders. Get to know our ongoing initiatives and get involved https://t.co/eJhnFTosaF

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C40 is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change. https://t.co/Zu9DHtFu1a https://t.co/ATayQZx7kx

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A coloro che non sognano non sanno cosa perdono...sviluppiamo ambienti urbani a spasso con il tempo.

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Computer Science & Master in Smart City - Web & App Developer specialist. #smartcity #opendata #developer #web #apps #mobile #php #javascript

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European regions and cities working together to benefit from the #DigitalAgenda and #SmartSpecialisation

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Interested in worldwide Smart City initiatives and technologies.

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a collective blog about cities worldwide

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Innovate UK is the UK’s #innovation agency. We fund & support #science & #technology innovations that will grow the UK #economy YouTube: https://t.co/mKmzoCgpYq

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Developers of #LEED. #GreenBuildings for everyone within this generation. #Sustainability focused. #Community driven. #Global Impact.

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Greener cities & smarter town halls through IT & telecom. This is our goal @ the European Commission's Smart Cities unit.

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News and information from the European Commission. Tweets by the Social Media Team. Engaging on #TeamJunckerEU priorities: https://t.co/HDhTPYZYmg

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Official info on Cisco news, events and technology innovation with @JoieHealy, @KChiala & @Britt_Coletti.

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Official IBM Smarter Cities account. Managed by @anca_nichita & @itsshivahere. Follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines.

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As we continue to build a Smarter Planet please follow @IBM for related content. This account is no longer active.

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Community of bloggers promoting civic sustainability, green building, and urban design, planning, and environmentalism.

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IEEE Smart Cities is dedicated to assisting municipalities with the transition into more intelligent, sustainable urbanized environments.

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