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The world’s leading event for cities. Online edition 17-18 Nov 2020 #SCLive2020. @Fira_Barcelona

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Smart Cities Information System is a database of EU smart cities projects showcasing technologies, best practices, barriers & solutions, to promote replication.

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We talk and share news about Internet of Things, Smart Cities, 5G and Edge Computing !

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Coalition of leading companies that seeks to advance the livability, workability and sustainability of the world's cities. https://t.co/pb0nGCSsLJ

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The Smart Cities Marketplace is an initiative of the European Commission bringing together #EUSmartCities Stakeholders and #SmartCity experts.

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C40 connects 97 of the world’s leading cities taking bold climate action to build #TheFutureWeWant 🌳🚴‍♀️

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A coloro che non sognano non sanno cosa perdono...sviluppiamo ambienti urbani a spasso con il tempo.

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#FullStack & #Blockchain dev, nomad & maker: https://t.co/MPrhjTlGMh - https://t.co/ARYnYabBlW - https://t.co/TA7spG3U3K & more! Cofounder @impactMakers_ & @fixathon - Support: https://t.co/cyAAVbnXOI

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In line with EU priorities for 2021 - 2027, #ERNACT regions and cities are empowering Europe’s #DigitalTransformation and moving towards a digital & green age.

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Interested in worldwide Smart City initiatives and technologies.

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a collective blog about cities worldwide

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We are the UK’s Innovation agency. We fund business & research collaborations to accelerate innovation & drive business. YouTube:https://t.co/mKmzoCgpYq Part of @UKRI_News

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Developers of #LEED. #GreenBuildings for everyone within this generation. Sustainability focused. Community driven. Global Impact. GBCI family.

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Official account for EU policies on ICT for Smart Cities and Communities. #smartliving #smartcities #smartenergy #IoT for cities within @DSMeu #EUgreendeal

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News and information from the European Commission. Social media and data protection policy: https://t.co/7aEVKyzxHh

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Official info on Cisco news, events and technology innovation. For help, reach out to @Cisco_Support or @HeyCisco.

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As we continue to build a Smarter Planet please follow @IBM for related content. This account is no longer active.

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We provide business journalism and in-depth insight into the most impactful news and trends shaping smart cities. Sign up here: https://t.co/rr6l7784w8

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IEEE Smart Cities is dedicated to assisting municipalities with the transition into more intelligent, sustainable urbanized environments.

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ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability Europe: ambitious and committed member cities working to make sustainability a reality. #icleieurope

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Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, Department of Business Development and Technology.

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