Top news of the week: 10.03.2020.

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Smart Cities

On Mar 5, 2020
@EUSmartCities shared
RT @SmartCitiesSCIS: New @SmartCitiesSCIS #PolicyPaper about urban residential #retrofit. Learn all about challenges & opportunities and avoid any pitfalls. Available to download


Download: SCIS Policy Paper #2 Urban Residential Retrofit Report on the participatory citizens dialogue At the end of May 2019, the European Commission, in collaboration with the …

On Mar 7, 2020
@JAdP shared
Planning the Hyperconnected City | Econsult Solutions, Inc.

Planning the Hyperconnected City

Hyperconnected cities could become the next generation of sustainable, resilient, and equitable cities by fully harnessing the power of technology to serve people and community

On Mar 3, 2020
@Cities_Today shared
Is data really the new oil? At today's last #CLFNewOrleans roundtable we look at data management, collection and analysis 👉 @BasBoorsma #smartcity #data #innovation

The pitfalls of city data strategies

Data strategies encompass many components tied to data and as many cities have experienced, this latest journey is full of pitfalls and challenges.

On Mar 6, 2020
@SmartCityexpo shared
City #Wellbeing Index: How happy are the world's leading cities? The @knightfdn analized 40 global cities. #smartcity #smartcities #happycities cc @helene_wpli @sallyeaves @Paula_Piccard @antgrasso @Ronald_vanLoon @evankirstel @HaroldSinnott

The City Wellbeing Index: How happy are the world's leading cities?

Introducing the City Wellbeing Index, gauging the quality of life in the world's most-liveable cities

On Mar 3, 2020
@Cities_Today shared
At the final #CLFNewOrleans roundtable of the day we discuss city data. How to use it responsibly? Ten European cities recently released a publication with guidance on data sharing 👉 #datasharing

Ten European cities release new guidance on data

A new publication offering cities guidance on data has been launched to help ensure citizens remain in control of their data and at the same time allow cities to use data-generated ...

On Mar 5, 2020
@smartcitiesdive shared
The heated testimony was part of a larger discussion around adjusting the DoITT's FY21 preliminary budget to further modernize New York's tech infrastructure.

NYC tech official slams LinkNYC group for contract negligence: 'CityBridge is delinquent'

During a city council testimony, DoITT Commissioner Jessica Tisch condemned CityBridge for failing to meet the terms of its franchise agreement. CityBridge called the testimony a "fictional ...

On Mar 5, 2020
@smartccouncil shared
Kick-Start Your City Project Planning Join Smart Cities Council for an online city to city collaborative planning process for cities that seek to implement device and asset management. March 31 - April 28 Learn More and Register Today:

Online city collaboration - asset and device management. March 31 to April 28, 2020

The Smart Cities Council's work is fueled by data science and hands-on knowledge from working with cities globally. We offer data-directed opportunities for cities to solve common problems. ...

On Mar 8, 2020
@BloombergDotOrg shared
Did you know that of the 73 U.S. cities with a Chief Innovation Officer or similar role, 41% are held by women? @BloombergCities profiles 13 of these women who are working hard to innovate City Hall. #InternationalWomensDay

13 women innovating city hall

A full 41 percent of chief innovation officers in U.S. City Halls are women.