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On Jul 25, 2019
@robertcathey shared
BT transitions its 5G core network with Canonical’s #OpenStack

BT transitions its 5G core network with Canonical’s OpenStack

This means that BT will be using virtual machines (VMs) for its 5G core network, as opposed to proprietary hardware/software systems.

On May 23, 2019
@evankirstel shared
RT @CarlosEresGFT: The 10 vital skills you will need for the future of work Cc @evankirstel @Ronald_vanLoon @KirkDBorne @gp_pulipaka @TamaraMcCleary

The 10 Vital Skills You Will Need For The Future Of Work

To stay ahead of the curve and prepare to be relevant in the future workforce that will look very different than it does today and demand different things from human employees, it's time to ...

On Jul 15, 2019
@evankirstel shared
Top 10 #DigitalTransformation Trends for 2020 @danielnewmanuv

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

Exploring the most significant digital transformation trends that will impact business and our lives in 2020

On May 31, 2019
@evankirstel shared
RT @nokianetworks: During our #Innovation Days in Nairobi we showcased how #5G can transform the way people live and work as well as enhance the industrial productivity in #Kenya. Read more in @TechTrendsKE and see @nokia #5GinAction:

Nokia showcases a series of 5G technology demos in Nairobi

Nokia is hosting a series of Innovation Days in Nairobi to showcase how 5G technology can transform the way people live and work.

On Aug 6, 2019
@nuagenetworks shared
RT @orangebusiness: #5G services are launching in cities all over Europe, with nationwide coverage in France expected during 2020. @Orange has been collaborating with @nokia on 5G use cases with #SDWAN network for vertical industries. Read more in @franckmorales21's blog

Orange and Nokia set a world first for SD-WAN over 5G

The promise of mobile connectivity that is 10 times faster with a latency 10 times less is generating considerable interest among businesses and consumers.

On Aug 21, 2019
@evankirstel shared
RT @nokiaindustries: Did you know that our Oulu facility manufactures 1,000 Nokia #4G and #5G base stations per day?

Nokia Employs 5G In Its Own Factory

To prove the capabilities of its private wireless 4.9G & 5G networks, edge/cloud, and analytics technologies, Nokia put them into play in its Oulu,...

On Aug 22, 2019
@Huawei shared
RT @HuaweiUSA: #5G is not a race. Joy Tan explains the need for a long term, reliable solution for successful deployment in the US.

What’s the economic impact of blocking Huawei in the US?

Huawei’s Joy Tan discusses how Huawei ban, potential rip-and-replace will impact American workers and businesses Watch the 5-minute video here: From banning the technology giant from ...

On Jul 11, 2019
@evankirstel shared
Small Cell Forum publishes spec for unified #5G open RAN

Small Cell Forum publishes spec for unified 5G open RAN

The Small Cell Forum (SCF) is trying to stimulate competition in 5G small cell software and equipment by publishing the PHY API that provides an open and interoperable interface between the ...

On Dec 4, 2019
@evankirstel shared
141 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020

141 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020

141 predictions for 2020 from key participants in the cybersecurity defense industry, highlighting all that’s hot today and tomorrow

On Jun 19, 2019
@elenaneira shared
Europe advancing #5G – new wave of projects launched to accelerate take-up in vertical industries

Europe advancing in 5G – new wave of projects launched to accelerate 5G take-up in vertical industries

Seven new research and innovation projects for a total amount of EUR 100 million of EU funding have been selected by the Commission to set up large-scale 5G validation trials for a broad ...

On Aug 8, 2019
@DougonIPComm shared
RT @anshulpuri3112: Bosch sees a bright future for #OpenSource and #IoT. Learn more about our approach | via @BoschSI

Bosch pursues an open source strategy to transform IoT

Reasons why the Bosch Group, a world leader in technology and services for connected industries, relies on open source strategy.

On Aug 12, 2019
@evankirstel shared
RT @jesseeic: A US healthcare industry first for @Commvault customer @UCSDHealth: UC San Diego Health Appoints a Medical Director of #CyberSecurity

First in U.S. Healthcare: UC San Diego Health Appoints a Medical Director of Cybersecurity

Last month, emergency physician and medical informaticist Christian Dameff, M.D. became the first medical director of cybersecurity at any U.S. patient care organization

On Jun 8, 2019
@holgermu shared
Here's why $3.9 billion data warehousing startup @SnowflakeDB is so hot, as told by its partners and experts @businessinsider @benpimentel @rwang0 @constellationr

Here's why $3.9 billion data warehousing startup Snowflake is so hot, as told by its partners and experts

Snowflake, the $3.9 billion data warehousing company, is attracting many others into its orbit. Experts and partners explain why all the hype.

On Oct 22, 2019
@DTXseries shared
The Two Big Reasons That Digital Transformations Fail #digitaltransformation #tech

The Two Big Reasons That Digital Transformations Fail

Results from a study of 1,350 companies.

On Jun 3, 2019
@holgermu shared
RT @ShannonPlatz: Congrats to our very own @SAP @mvollmer1 named to Top 100 #5G #Influencers by @Onalytica 👏also seeing great friends including @TamaraMcCleary @evankirstel @Ronald_vanLoon @dhinchcliffe #VR #AR #BigData #leadership

5G: Top 100 Influencers

Here we are, eagerly awaiting the arrival of 5G, but who are the most influential people discussing the popular topic online?

Top Influencers

Picture of @evankirstel

#B2B #Influencer Helping clients w #SocialMediaMarketing. #Crytpo: #DigitalHealth: ▶️

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An independent voice on technology, including telecom, the data center, gadgets, and (aero)space

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