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On Aug 28, 2019
@Bradford_Space shared
Bradford Comet gets a few mentions in this article. Five systems in space!
On Sep 10, 2019
@spacecom shared
RT @b0yle: After 50 years, experts on space settlement update their vision for off-planet outposts: #SSI50 H/T @RocketAcademy @museumofflight @DrPhiltill @interplanetary @gatewayfound @wingod @george_sowers

After 50 years, space settlement experts update their vision for off-planet outposts

Entrepreneurs and experts are taking a fresh look at concepts for space settlement that got their start 50 years ago, thanks to physicist Gerard O’Neill.

On Oct 9, 2019
@spaceagenda shared
RT @SpaceTechExpoEU: We are proud to support the @LondonSpaceNet networking event in London this Thursday 10 October. Join us to talk space! Free registration: #LSN #SpaceTechExpoEU #WSW2019 See you on Thursday!
On Jul 26, 2019
@ISS_CASIS shared
During the 8th annual #ISSRDC, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and ISS National Lab CEO Dr. Joseph Vockley will hold a press conference to discuss the critical importance of our nation’s only orbiting laboratory. Find out how to watch live coverage:

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and ISS National Lab CEO Dr. Joseph Vockley to Host Press Conference at ISS R&D Conference

The livestreamed press conference focused on how the space station is enabling valuable benefits to people on Earth and enhancing our capabilities to live and work beyond low Earth orbit.

On Jun 4, 2019
@IridiumComm shared
Today we unveiled the first-ever #GMDSS terminal that will use the #Iridium network to provide this critical safety of life service. Learn more about this historic announcement and what it means for the #maritime community! #norshipping #ahoy

New Era for Safety at Sea as First-ever Iridium® GMDSS terminal is unveiled

Iridium Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: IRDM) and partner Lars Thrane, today unveiled the Lars Thrane (LT) 3100S terminal designed to operate on the Iridium network for Global Maritime ...

On Aug 21, 2019
@esa shared
Splashdown! Over the next two weeks, astronauts @Thom_astro, @Astro_Feustel and @Astro_Kanai are going underwater to test tools and techniques for lunar exploration on a new @NASA_NEEMO adventure off the coast of California. #ForwardToTheMoon #NeemoNXT

Thomas Pesquet on a new underwater lunar adventure

Over the next two weeks ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, NASA astronaut Drew Feustel and Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanai will take part in a new NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations ...

On Aug 21, 2019
@SpaceRef shared
Thomas Pesquet's New Underwater Lunar Adventure #NEEMO #neemoNXT

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet's New Underwater Lunar Adventure

Over the next two weeks ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, NASA astronaut Drew Feustel and Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanai will take part in a new NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations ...

On Jul 26, 2019
@Forbes shared

SpaceX Flies Its Starhopper Mars Rocket Prototype For The First Time

In a historic moment for the company, SpaceX has successfully flown its prototype Mars vehicle called Starhopper and taken a crucial step towards ultimately landing humans on the Red Planet.

On Jul 1, 2019
@Via_Satellite shared
[email protected] appointed Nicolas Chamussy as space advisor.

Airbus Appoints Nicolas Chamussy as Space Advisor

Airbus appointed Nicolas Chamussy as Space Advisor within Airbus’ Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Public Affairs department, with immediate effect. In this new role, Chamussy ...

On Mar 30, 2019
@arstechnica shared
Can AI be a fair judge in court? Estonia thinks so by @wired

Can AI be a fair judge in court? Estonia thinks so

Estonians already use a national ID card for things like e-voting and digital tax filing.

On Jul 4, 2019
@b0yle shared
RT @ChelseyBallarte: Space nerds/creatives! Now's your chance to design a logo for a space agency! Thought the NASA meatball was cool? Make Portugal Space something even cooler! Deets: . h/t: @Pomerantz

Portugal Space Logo Contest Announcement

Portugal Space, Portugal’s newly founded space agency, is looking for yoursupport to design its logo. Want to be part of space in Portugal? Join us!

On Jul 24, 2019
@SpaceFrontier shared
RT @NewSpaceCon: Great coverage of #NewSpace2019 Closing Keynote Patrick Zeitouni of @blueorigin, from @kentreporter's Steve Hunter

Kent’s Blue Origin visualizes future of people living, working in space

Head of advanced development programs talks about goals, rockets

On Jun 24, 2019
@ForbesTech shared

SpaceX Prepares For Its Most Difficult Launch With First-Ever Falcon Heavy Night Flight

SpaceX is about to launch its Falcon Heavy rocket for a third time, the company’s first-ever night launch of its mammoth rocket and one of the company’s hardest launches ever.

On Jul 12, 2019
@Via_Satellite shared
We sat down with @space_relay to discuss closing the connectivity gap in #LEO.

Closing the Connectivity Gap in Low Earth Orbit

Connectivity to the ground is in short supply for today’s remote sensing satellites even as the data they collect from the Earth’s surface can predict extreme weather, protect ships from ...

On Jul 26, 2019
@timmermansr shared
RT @Bonposselt: SAVE THE DATE: 6th Oct is ⁦@esa⁩ open day. It’s well worth the trip & I’d highly recommend it to anybody interested in Space. Also, it’s FREE! October’s ESA Open Day looks to the Moon / ESTEC / About Us / ESA mobile

October’s ESA Open Day looks to the Moon

Come to ESA’s technical heart this October to meet veteran Apollo astronauts and hear from engineers designing future European missions to the Moon. This year’s ESA Open Day at ESTEC in ...

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