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Future Of Mobility

On Mar 23, 2020
@macilree shared
RT @PaulABarter: @TUMInitiative has also published an article to help public transport operators and sustainable transport advocates understand the COVID-19 challenge and their options (written by By Sebastian Ibold, @ni_medi and @UrbanArmin)

The COVID-19 outbreak and implications to public transport – some observations

This article presents first observations on the likely implications of the COVID-19 outbreak on longer-term impacts to our individual travel behavior and public transport.

On Mar 22, 2020
@LSECities shared
99% of Kuwaitis rely on private vehicles for transport. Why aren't more people using buses? This blog from the @LSEMiddleEast Centre tackles that question, citing research from LSE Cities' Resource Urbanisms project. #SundayRead

by Reem Alfahad and Muhammad Adeel

by Reem Alfahad and Muhammad Adeel On the roads of Kuwait cars reign. Buses, pedestrians, and cyclists are akin to flies being swatted away to make way for the private vehicles. Despite ...

On Mar 20, 2020
@ERTICO shared
Thank you @Europe_CAD for this interview with ERTICO Chairman @AmditisA and Research Director @ISENSE_GROUP Every Month, one opinion leader shares their perspective on the role of #KnowledgeBase in the future of #CAD. #TalkingITS

The CAD Knowledge Base is an essential tool for sharing data, knowledge and experiences

Automation is one of the most promising enabling technologies of smart mobility in road transport, that enriched with cooperative systems and connectivity maximises its effects, …

On Mar 19, 2020
@humantransit shared
San Francisco Bay Area: Remarkably high level of transit service continues despite "shelter in place" order.

How BART, Caltrain, Muni and other transit will be impacted by the COVID-19 shelter in place order

Six Bay Area counties have now issued shelter in place orders to residents, in the process temporarily shuttering non-essential businesses like bars, gyms and salons. Transit agencies ...

On Mar 18, 2020
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RT @centreforlondon: New research > London’s growing population & changing travel habits are putting pressure on our streets. We’re calling on councils to take a more strategic approach to parking controls & encourage the shift to sustainable travel. #FutureofParking

Reclaim the kerb: The future of parking and kerbside management in London

With increasing demand on our roads, and serious challenges including climate change, poor air quality, and road danger, the Mayor of London and London boroughs are committed to reducing ...

On Mar 19, 2020
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RT @AndrewTMurphy: Airlines are in crisis and their employees face an uncertain future. But we can't continue the cycle of bailing them out in bad times, and then leaving them tax free in good times.

Support airlines in crisis, but on condition they start paying tax and take up green technology - T&E

EU transport ministers discussing Covid-related financial aid to airlines must make bailouts in these hard times conditional on carriers starting to pay tax once conditions improve and ...

On Mar 22, 2020
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RT @CityLab: The nosedive in movement around our cities indicates that people are taking an unprecedented public health emergency seriously. It also portends the profound economic crisis that is likely about to drop, writes @mslaurabliss.

When the World Stops Moving

Jarringly quiet highways and empty rail cars are signs of Covid-19’s profound economic and public health impacts. Perhaps leaders can also learn from them.

On Mar 21, 2020
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RT @bernardchickey: FYI from @otago University Public Health Professors Michael Baker & Nick Wilson on the need now for a short 'pulse' of intense social distancing (closures of most businesses, social meeting places, schools, unis & public transport) to ramp up testing here

Why New Zealand needs to continue decisive action to contain coronavirus

To guard against coronavirus, NZ should consider a short "pulse" (a few weeks) of intense social distancing, including bringing forward school holidays and temporary closures of most ...