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On Jan 30, 2019
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RT @RobotDiva: From Parkour to Surgery, Here Are the Top 10 Recent Advancements in #Robotics via @singularityhub

From Parkour to Surgery, Here Are the Top 10 Recent Advancements in Robotics

Robotics doesn’t only borrow from biology—sometimes it gives back to it, too. A new flapping-winged robot that mimics the fruit fly has done just that.

On Jan 24, 2019
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RT @joelbeckerman: As we (rightly) debate what robots should look like, we must also question what sounds they make and whether they have voices (humanoid or otherwise).

The case against anthropomorphizing robots

It’s a violation against one of Dieter Rams’s key principles of good design, according to the author of one new study.

On Jan 30, 2019
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Meet #Leonardo, the walking, jumping, flying #robot @nwtls #Biped #Flying

Meet Leonardo, the walking, jumping, flying robot

Traditionally, robots are either airborne or landlubbers – there’s not much crossover. But researchers at Northeastern University have now built a robot that can do both, walking around on ...


On Jan 31, 2019
@lawrennd shared
Xfer: is an open source framework we’ve released for transfer learning of Neural Networks using GPs and BNNs with MXNet. Here’s a blog post on the work from ⁦@adamianou⁩

Xfer: an open-source library for neural network transfer learning

Transfer learning is a set of techniques for reusing and repurposing already trained machine learning models in new situations. It brings…

On Jan 30, 2019
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We've come a long way since Yann LeCun first used CNNs to classify hand-written digits. Here are summaries of 10 fascinating research papers in image recognition & generation from last year #AI #ML #deeplearning #machinelearning #computervision

10 Cutting Edge Research Papers In Computer Vision & Image Generation

Ever since convolutional neural networks began outperforming humans in  specific image recognition tasks, research in the field of computer vision has proceeded at breakneck pace. The basic ...

On Jan 31, 2019
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RT @etzioni: ICYMI: Forbes reports political strife, budget cuts, and more at @DeepMindAI

Why Google Just Tightened Its Grip On DeepMind

A competitor say the AI company became so fixated on a grand vision to solve intelligence that it lost its way in building anything useful.

Applied Use Cases

On Jan 24, 2019
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RT @TTech_News: How deep learning is set to improve machine vision in factories
On Jan 26, 2019
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RT @jeremyphoward: Practical Deep Learning for Coders, 2019 edition, is now available. With a shiny new video player with searchable transcripts. This course is 100% new material, including some new techniques and results never previously published.

Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2019

Lesson 2: Data cleaning and production; SGD from scratch We start today’s lesson by learning how to build your own image classification model using your own data, including topics such as: ...

On Jan 25, 2019
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RT @arjunmanrai: Incredibly concise description (with costs per hour!) of your many options to train #DeepLearning models. From the great folks at @math_rachel @jeremyphoward

Making neural nets uncool again

It’s a small world indeed… The dataset collection The following categories are currently included in the collection: Image classification, with a focus on fine-grained classification and ...


On Jan 27, 2019
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@johnchavens @cccalum @mitpress Absolutely. This is THE raison d'etre of the #robotrights book from @mitpress. In fact, your post could be promotional copy. And not for nothing...this is exactly what was meant by my "Robot Rights, Now" photo, e.g. we need to deal with this question NOW.

NIU’s David Gunkel takes a serious look at ‘Robot Rights’

In his new book, “Robot Rights,” Northern Illinois University’s David Gunkel turns the tables by asking provocative questions about the accountability and even social standing of robots in ...

On Jan 29, 2019
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An #AI reading list — from practical primers to sci-fi short stories
On Jan 28, 2019
@singularityblog shared
RT @TheDissenterYT: New interview on my channel, w/ Nikola Danaylov (@singularityblog): The #Singularity, Doing Futurism, and the Human Element. @docamitay @vancitytaraxo @Muttmere1 @robsica @YzarW @franciscforde @hfsunde

#131 Nikola Danaylov: The Singularity, Doing Futurism, and the Human Element

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