Top news of the week: 05.11.2019.

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On Oct 30, 2019
@MistyRobotics shared
"There are more than 23 million developers around the world and they are the key to unlocking the future of robots, previously only available to the world of roboticists,” - @arobodude via @RoboticBusiness #programmingrobots

Misty Robotics Announces General Availability of Misty II Robot

Professional-grade robot development system opens robotics to software developers, educators, and researchers.

On Nov 2, 2019
@MistyRobotics shared
RT @FastCompany: [email protected] is aiming to one day provide hundreds of "skills" to future customers.

Misty wants to be the iPhone of robots

Misty Robotics hopes developers will create the equivalent of apps for its adorable, anthropomorphic robot.

On Nov 3, 2019
@ylecun shared
Excellent piece by Tom Wheeler from the Brookings Institution about the fear of AI, with a historical perspective on the societal effects of previous technological revolutions. Punchlines: 1. Don't...

History’s message about regulating AI

How lessons from the past can help us regulate the technologies of today.