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European Space Agency, keeping you posted on European space activities.

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Official Air Force Space Command Twitter: Stay up to date on all things AF Space! (Following, RTs & likes ≠ endorsement) #AFSPC

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Ambassador-Ro, Ph.D; Director of the EU Satellite Centre; @NATO Assistant Secretary General; @HudsonInstitute Senior Fellow; #Diplomacy #Cyber #Science #Space

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I study international space cooperation, science in extreme locations and strategic space diplomacy. Also space junk! 🛰💥😱

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Iraq War vet, AFSCME member, 90's hip-hop aficionado, Admiral-General in the Space Force

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Explore the universe and discover our home planet with @NASA. We usually post in EDT (UTC-4)

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SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft

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Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.

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Official Twitter account of the International Institute of Space Law. Follows, re-tweets, and mentions are not legal advice or endorsements.

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Nobody knows politics like POLITICO. Got a news tip for us? 👉 https://t.co/fp9nugJuND

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Providing interdisciplinary, international, and intercultural Graduate education and professional development opportunities to the space sector

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Breaking news and features from the WSJ.

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Welcome to @WhiteHouse! Follow for the latest from President @realDonaldTrump and his Administration. Tweets may be archived: https://t.co/IURuMIrzxb

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In-depth insight and analysis on international affairs and U.S. foreign policy since 1922. Sign up for our newsletter: https://t.co/LuDofzH1Gu

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Vice President Mike Pence. Husband, father, & honored to serve as the 48th Vice President of the United States. Tweets may be archived: https://t.co/eVVzoBb3Zr

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"The Weekly" is our new TV series. Episodes air Sundays at 10 p.m. on FX and on Hulu the next day. News tips? Share them here: https://t.co/ghL9OoYKMM

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The official account of the U.S. Department of Defense. Following, RTs, links, and likes ≠ endorsement. #KnowYourMil

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Official Twitter account of NATO - the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. #NATO #TridentJuncture #WeAreNATO

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Taking our understanding and awareness of the world further for 130 years

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