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On Jun 24, 2019
@SmartCityexpo shared
By 2040, the ambition of #Stockholm is to be both carbon neutral and the smartest city in the world. @rakonteur By @annakonigjerlmy Mayor of Stockholm, Pres. @EUROCITIEStweet #SmartCities #SustainableCities #Sustainability #GreenCities #innovation

How Stockholm is leading the way for smart cities

Being a truly "smart city" means a lot more than the smart use of new tech and more data. Here's how Stockholm is leading the way.

On Feb 21, 2019
@Cisco shared
@CyberNews4you Hi Michael 👋 Have you checked out the 2019 #cybersecurity almanac? Let us know what you find most interesting!
On Nov 28, 2019
@SmartCityexpo shared
RT @CityPossible: At #SCEWC19 @MiguelGamino joined @euronews to discuss how communities can work together to advance inclusive and sustainable urban development. Featured guests include @uvalenti of @SmartCityExpo and @drdavidricketts from @Innovators_City. #collaboration

Cities of the future: Dreaming of a smart urban revolution

Cities of the future: Dreaming of a smart urban revolution

On Aug 16, 2019
@IESVE shared
Valeria Ferrando, EU Head of Research at IES, recently presented an overview of our new ICL Technology at the 2019 European Conference on Computing in Construction (@europeanC3). Catch up on the session here: #ec3conf #industryday

ICL at Premier European Conference on Computing in Construction

IES was asked to present our practical experience in implementing Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry at the recent 2019 European Conference on Computing in Construction ...

On May 21, 2019
@SmartCityexpo shared
Want to build a #SmartCity? Here are some strategies that work. A conversation with @seetahariharan from Tata Consultancy Services @TCS Podcast via @whartonknows #DigitalTransformation #Governance #Finance #leadership #SmartCities

Want to Build a Smart City? Here Are Some Strategies That Work

Collaborative platforms, sustainability, public-private partnerships and data analytics are critical for developing smart and inclusive cities.

On Nov 14, 2019
@ConnectCitiesEU shared
RT @AtelierH2020: Together with @SPARCSeu and @pocityf, we are joining the group of now 17 #eusmartcities to transform Europe's #cities into more liveable and sustainable places. We are proud to be part of this impressive family! Learn more about us at

ATELIER Smart City project to turn Amsterdam and Bilbao into citizen-driven Positive Energy Districts

Coordinated by the City of Amsterdam, ATELIER will focus on developing citizen-driven Positive Energy Districts in its two Lighthouse Cities Amsterdam and Bilbao, combining the expertise ...

On Nov 30, 2019
@SustMeme shared
RT @bcsrdak: Milan is the smartest city in Italy six years in a row |
On Jul 11, 2019
@SmartCityexpo shared
RT @uvalenti: What are future cities made of? 🏙️ #SmartCities #futureofcities #urbandevelopment

Smart Cities: The Future Of Urban Development

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and technology-dependent, a range of everyday activities have been replaced by artificial intelligence, creating a new wave of smart ...

On Jul 18, 2019
@SenseableCity shared
RT @LabCampus: There is no doubt that emerging technologies can help make our lives more efficient, productive & convenient. But smart cities are all not all about JUST tech - as this article portrays. Of course, our partner @SenseableCity is also featured - who else?

Smart Cities Are Built By Smart People, Not Smart Things

Amid the enthusiasm over smart cities, the most important element of any city is being forgotten: the people themselves. Smart things cannot replace smart people. If city leaders hope to ...

On Nov 14, 2019
@SmartCityexpo shared
RT @PTVGroup: Using advanced tech for transport planning, Barcelona is a world leader of urban renewal. Ahead of @SmartCityexpo, check out some of its most exciting #mobility projects. What can other cities learn from this? #MindofMovement #SCEWC19 #CitiesMadeOfDreams

Smart City Expo 2019: How Barcelona is taking the lead

Ahead of Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress 2019, a look into the city’s top mobility solutions using PTV technology

On Nov 25, 2019
@SmartCityexpo shared
"We want to keep on dreaming and start creating now the cities that we deserve to live in by 2030." @SmartCitiesW interview with @uvalenti, Director of @SmartCityexpo @_SmartMobility #smartcities #SCEWC19 #CitiesMadeOfDreams

SCEWC 2019: Are smart city dreams becoming reality?

As this year’s event drew to a close, SmartCitiesWorld sat down with Ugo Valenti, Director of Smart City Expo World Congress, to get his view on what’s happening in smart cities.

On May 28, 2019
@IEEESmartCities shared
"The revolution is here: How mid-sized cities can move and grow the fastest," Christy Gillenwater, Chattanooga, TN Area Chamber of Commerce discusses the opportunities to boost competitive offerings as the tech industry decentralizes via @smartcitiesdive:

The revolution is here: How mid-sized cities can move and grow the fastest

As the technology industry decentralizes and spreads opportunities further afield, smaller jurisdictions can become even more attractive.

On Oct 21, 2019
@SmartCityexpo shared
RT @ICLEI: Choose your #CiBiX challenge and participate! For #cities, this is an opportunity to showcase bold #mobility initiatives, exchange with peers and engage with innovative businesses on the most pressing challenges at the @SmartCityexpo #SCEWC19 Barcelona

Smart City Expo World Congress 19-21 November 2019 Barcelona - Spain

The upcoming CiBiX Ideator Series will bring cities and businesses to take the next steps forward on sustainable urban mobility. For cities, this is an opportunity to showcase bold mobility ...

On Nov 14, 2019
@SmartCityexpo shared
RT @SmartTampere: [email protected] is the world’s leading annual event for #smartcity developers. There on 19-21 Nov #SmartTampere and 8 #companies will present the latest highlights of #Tampere’s smart city development. Come to meet us at #Nordic Pavilion! @thisisFINLAND

Smart Tampere and companies at Smart City Expo World Congress

Alongside Smart Tampere, eight Finnish companies will participate in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona on 19-21 November. The aim is to present the smart city development in ...

On Nov 14, 2019
@Cities_Today shared
ICYMI: North American CIOs share with Cities Today what their cities are doing to close the digital divide 👉 @BobBennett_b2 @Lea_Eriksen #5g #smartcity #innovation

Can 5G help close the digital divide?

Jonathan Andrews asked a group of North American CIOs what their cities are doing to close the digital divide.

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