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On Feb 22, 2018
@MaryJaneBiz shared
Farmer Tom Lauerman On Value of CannaCon and Other Trade Shows. With him is Eric Ogden, Trakker. The...

Farmer Tom Lauerman On The State of Legal Cannabis In Washington

Farmer Tom Lauerman On The State of Legal Cannabis In Washington. With him is Eric Ogden, Trakker. The remarks were captured at the MJBA Washington February ...

On Apr 16, 2018
@CannabisNews shared
RT @Samie_Pumpkin: @KirkTousaw @JodieEmery It's annoying when people blatantly ignore facts like this

Stoned drivers are a lot safer than drunk ones, new federal data show

Smoking weed doesn't make you more likely to crash your car.

On Nov 7, 2018
@WeedFeed shared
What you need to know about the state of weed laws after the midterms
On Jul 13, 2018
@CannabisCulture shared
RT @JodieEmery: Huge news: Cannabis does NOT harm teens “Meta-analysis by University of Pennsylvania researchers looked at 69 studies, which all tested the impact of marijuana smoking in adolescents and young adults, and found little to no long-term harm” #CannabisTruth

Cannabis harm to teenagers' brains 'overstated', finds study

Fears that cannabis causes irreparable harm to teenager’s brains have been stoked by trials which “overstated” the effects on intelligence and other functions, according to a review which ...

On Feb 25, 2018
@CannabisNews shared
RT @HealthRanger: Drug-related violent crime goes down in states that legalize medical marijuana #medicalmarijuana #legalmarijuana

Violent crime is down where marijuana use is up, according to new study

New research revealed that increasing the use of medical marijuana brings down the number of violent crime in states bordering Mexico, reported The Guardian. A study published in The ...

On Nov 12, 2018
@NORML_CWA shared
RT @trinafraser: Why people love CBD — the cannabis product that won't get you high

Why people love CBD — the cannabis product that won't get you high

CBD is already found in everything from cocktails to pet treats.

On Feb 23, 2018
@CherylShuman shared
RT @CannCanForums: "This is really predicated entirely upon a #public #health #model, and not a commercial model," Blair told Bloomberg. "We want to do a better job of #protecting our #kids."

Canada’s Restrictive Advertising Laws Will Treat Legal Weed Like Cigarettes

Early investors are already worried that proposed safety labels and a ban on celebrity endorsements could eliminate the upside of Canada’s impending cannabis market.

On May 9, 2018
@CannabisNews shared
Canada should not proceed with the legalization of marijuana as planned: Opinion

Canada should not proceed with the legalization of marijuana as planned

The recent confusion and ambiguity about the legalization timeline is only the latest confusion and ambiguity from the Liberals on the marijuana file.

On Oct 27, 2018
@highergtv shared
RT @RegulateMI: . @RickSteves is a leader in his local Lutheran church and owns a business that employs 100 people. For him, legalization is a civil liberties issue rather than a pro-pot issue. Vote YES on Proposal 1. #Vote #YesOn1MI #LegalizeIt #cannabis #marijuana

Marijuana Legalization Has Gone Mainstream. Rick Steves Has Helped.

Mr. Steves, a travel writer and public radio and television host, is an outspoken activist for the legalization of recreational marijuana, which is on the ballot next month in North Dakota ...

On Nov 5, 2018
@MaryJaneBiz shared
RT @davidrheins: .#Colorado: State Issues Report Assessing #Legalization's Impact On Public #Safety #mjnews via @mjheadlinenews

Colorado: State Issues Report Assessing Legalization’s Impact On Public Safety

COLORADO: The Colorado Department of Public Safety has issued its first-ever baseline report assessing the impact of adult use marijuana regulations in Colorado. Lawmakers in 2013 passed ...

On Jan 19, 2018
@MJHeadlineNews shared
RT @TheBlincGroup: 19 Attorneys General Call On Congress To Legalize Banking For Weed Industry | HuffPost #cannabank

19 Attorneys General Call On Congress To Legalize Banking For Weed Industry

Federal regulations currently make it risky for banks to provide services to cannabis businesses.

On Sep 18, 2018
@MJBAnet shared
RT @MJHeadlineNews: New post: The Higher Ground #Legal Stash Box, Micro-Dose Edition! #A Highly Curated Cannabis Collection

The Higher Ground Legal Stash Box, Micro-Dose Edition! A Highly Curated Cannabis Collection

By Michael A. Stusser Cannabis is getting customized, and consumers are dialing in their doses. A popular new trend is “micro-dosing” - taking a small amount of a cannabis product so as to ...

On Jul 26, 2018
@CannaPublishers shared
RT @CannaFactsByNMJ: Americans support bill to shield legal cannabis states, legalizing marijuana via @cannabist

Americans support federal bill to shield legal cannabis states: new poll

Nearly three-quarters of American voters surveyed by Qunnipiac University say they would support legislation that shields states that have legalized medical or recreational from federal ...

On May 19, 2018
@CannabisNews shared
RT @trinafraser: It will be interesting to see how @GovCanHealth allocates resources to tackle the influx of apps with new licensing categories under the Cannabis Act. There are still >500 #ACMPR apps in the queue. How will the micros be addressed? Stay tuned...

Craft pot growers demand action from feds, B.C.

Craft cannabis growers in B.C. sound alarm over survival of the sector

On Sep 23, 2018
@MJBAnet shared
RT @MJBAnet: Poll: Health Specialists Support Legalizing #Cannabis #mjnews via @mjheadlinenews

Poll: Health Specialists Support Legalizing Cannabis

OREGON: Health professionals support the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use, according to survey data compiled by MedScape. Eighty-two percent of nurses, 82 ...

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