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On Jul 6, 2018
@evankirstel shared
Using #IoT Tech To Drive Grocery Sales

Using IoT Tech To Drive Grocery Sales

On July 4th, red, white and blue sheet cakes and cookies fill grocery aisles. But if those seasonal items don’t sell out that day, grocery stores will scramble to slash prices to move them ...

On Nov 30, 2018
@ONF_SDN shared
RT @Radisys: Where is the future taking us? Join us next week to hear Shaun Misset, Radisys Systems Architect, speak on “Adapting SEBA for Diverse Access Technologies”, December 5 at 3:30PM #ONFConnect

ONF Connect- Santa Clara Marriott, Santa Clara, CA from Dec 4 - 6, 2018

ONF Connect – A new annual event hosted by ONF’s operator partners to bring together the SDN industry and ONF membership Santa Clara Marriott, Santa Clara, CA || Dec 4 - 6, 2018 Radisys ...

On Aug 5, 2018
@evankirstel shared
Half a Billion #IoT Devices Vulnerable and the Fastest Growing Cyberthreat #devops #security

Half a Billion IoT Devices Vulnerable and the Fastest Growing Cyberthreat

In this post, we take a look at the biggest news in cybersecurity, including exposure of IoT devices, open source security improvements, GDPR breaches, and more.

On Jun 28, 2018
@evankirstel shared
RT @threatpost: Vendors behind #IoT systems aren't viewing security as a shared liability, experts like @chris_rezendes, @SenrioLabs say:

When It Comes To IoT Security, Liability Is Muddled

The onus behind IoT security has become so muddled that no one knows who to point fingers at.

On Jun 12, 2018
@evankirstel shared
#AI #Startups As #Innovation Drivers v/ @RolandBerger @axellelemaire #IoT #BigData #ArtificialIntelligence #DigitalTransformation #LondonTechWeek #OpenInnovation via @FrRonconi

AI startups as innovation drivers

European policymakers are recommended to set up the conditions for an artificial intelligence ecosystem.

On Sep 7, 2018
@ComputerWeekly shared
RT @Warwick_Ashford: Ransomware down, but not out, @FSecure report reveals #security #malware

Ransomware down, but not out, report reveals

Cryptojacking has taken over from ransomware as the top money spinner for cyber criminals, but the threat is not over and spam is also seeing a resurgence as an attack method, a report ...

On Nov 28, 2018
@KevinSuitor shared
Gartner’s top 10 IoT trends for 2019 and beyond

A critical look at Gartner’s top 10 IoT trends

Gartner shares its key trends and technologies for the Internet of Things. Social issues and user experience are the most intriguing among them.

On May 30, 2018
@hyounpark shared
RT @AmalgamInsights: The official theme at #TangoeLive18 was "Work Smarter," but @AmalgamInsights' @HyounPark believes @Tangoe's message is "Prepare for Change" in managing + optimizing #spend

Tangoe Makes Its Case as a Change Agent at Tangoe LIVE 2018

Key Stakeholders: CIO, CFO, Controllers, Comptrollers, Accounting Directors and Managers, IT Finance Directors and Managers, IT Expense Management Directors and Managers, Telecom Expense ...

On Nov 29, 2018
@evankirstel shared
The 'Internet of Things' will cause more security problems next year, exec warns #IoT #security

The 'Internet of Things' will cause more security problems next year, exec warns

The "internet of things" has created all sorts of problems on the cybersecurity front — and the problem may get worse soon.

On Dec 4, 2018
@ComputerWeekly shared
RT @E8Storage: The #IoT has been touted as the next challenge for enterprises to adopt and exploit. @ChrismEvans looks at edge and core processing, compliance and information lifecycle management in IoT in his latest article on @ComputerWeekly

Internet of things challenges in storage and data

IoT brings challenges, with a host of new edge devices and data. We look at edge and core processing, compliance and information lifecycle management in IoT

On Oct 30, 2018
@evankirstel shared
RT @Intelnetwork: 2025 will be the tipping point for #5G, with 57% of global wireless media revenues generated with it. See the full study:

Intel Study Finds 5G will Drive $1.3 Trillion in New Revenues in Media and Entertainment Industry by 2028

A new Intel Corporation study finds that 5G communications will drive $1.3 trillion in new revenues in the media and entertainment industry by 2028.

On Oct 31, 2018
@hyounpark shared
Why It Matters that IBM Announced Trust and Transparency Capabilities for AI via @amalgaminsights #fairness

Why It Matters that IBM Announced Trust and Transparency Capabilities for AI

Note: This blog is a followup to Amalgam Insights’ visit to the “Change the Game” event held by IBM in New York City. On September 19th, IBM announced its launch of a portfolio of…

On Nov 11, 2018
@evankirstel shared
RT @_GregSchmidt: Top 50 Most Interesting Ideas of Exponential Medicine 2018 #xMed cc: @ZaynaKhayat @daniel_kraft @ExponentialMed @lucienengelen @jayparkinson

Exponential Medicine 2018 - Top 50 Interesting Ideas

The Top 50 Most Interesting Ideas of Exponential Medicine 2018.

On Aug 2, 2018
@ComputerWeekly shared
Hard work, big prize: Bristol is shaping what it means to be a #SmartCity

The Internet of Things in 2018: towards enterprise ubiquity

In this e-guide, we will explore some of the latest trends around IoT deployments, looking at real world projects, options for CIOs interested in getting involved, and new ...

On Sep 4, 2018
@evankirstel shared
IPUs? These New Chips Are Minted For Marketing | WIRED

IPUs? These New Chips Are Minted For Marketing

Intelligence processing units—computer chips optimized for AI—signal a shift in finding speed through specialization.

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