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TIM uses quantum computing to optimise 4G, 5G

On Feb 26, 2020
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TIM claims to be first European operator to use the technology

On Feb 26, 2020
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RT @Fabriziobustama: TIM uses quantum computing to optimise 4G, 5G By @techradar https://t.co/m7ZMRlDPsc #IoT #Quantumcomputing #5G #4G #Technology Cc: @mvollmer1 @jblefevre60 @labordeolivier @evankirstel @treasadovander @lesguer_lionel @adamsconsulting @DrJDrooghaag @HaroldSinnott @VivekGhosal https://t.co/HIX0sd6dSf

TIM uses quantum computing to optimise 4G, 5G

TIM claims to be first European operator to use the technology

TIM 'first operator in Europe' to use quantum computing live on mobile networks

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