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On Oct 3, 2019
@TrippBraden shared
RT @dianemulcahy: I created and teach the first course on the #GigEconomy at @babson. Most universities, though, don't help prepare their students to succeed as independent workers - here's why they should - my latest article for @HarvardBiz

Universities Should Be Preparing Students for the Gig Economy

Full-time jobs aren’t the only way to be successful.

On Aug 2, 2019
@FinMKTG shared
RT @nafisalam: #DigitalTransformation in #Banking: It is time for bold moves #Finserv #Fintech #Digitalbanking #payment #finance #tech #innovation #futureofbanking @psb_dc @irish_technews

Digital Transformation in Banking: It is time for bold moves

Digital Transformation in Banking: It is time for bold moves Bradley and I attended the Voice Summit 2019 last week in Newark, New Jersey, where I particip

On Jun 19, 2019
@sbmeunier shared
Great map (and details) of 10 European startups leveraging #AI in Financial Services. #fintech #insurtech via @FGraillot #finserv ➡️

The 10 Hottest AI Fintech Startups in Europe

The 10 hottest Fintech AI fintech startups to watch very closely for 2019.

On Sep 12, 2019
@dhinchcliffe shared
To Survive the #FutureofWork, You'll Need to Master Five Skills - Be visible (#WOL) - Get good at complexity - Build your #community - Befriend the machines (#AI) - Resilience #digitalworkplace #employeeexperience #hr

To Survive the Future of Work, You'll Need to Master Five Skills

Cornerstone, in partnership with the Institute for the Future, identified five super skills that will help you and your organization meet the demands of the future of work.

On Aug 12, 2019
@sbmeunier shared
The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Redefining the future #4IR #Industry40 #AI #MachineLearning @CRudinschi @oxana_zeitler via @andi_staub #finserv ➡️
On May 4, 2019
@drnatalie shared
RT @cristinam_jones: How can you stay ahead of the curve? Start by adopting a commitment to lifelong learning so you can acquire the skills you will need to succeed in the future workplace. #FutureofWork #4IR

The 10 Vital Skills You Will Need For The Future Of Work

To stay ahead of the curve and prepare to be relevant in the future workforce that will look very different than it does today and demand different things from human employees, it's time to ...

On Aug 20, 2019
@torillo59 shared
RT @lavorofuturo: Why Finland leads the world in flexible work di @BBC_Worklife

Why Finland leads the world in flexible work

The Nordic nation has embraced agile hours for decades. It’s a style of work well suited to the country’s deep-rooted culture of trust, equality and pragmatism.

On Mar 8, 2019
@Ronald_vanLoon shared
Machine Learning for Everyone by @vas3k | Read more at #ML #InternetofThings #Manufacturing #Data #DataScience #Algorithm #DataMining #ClassicalProgramming #NeuralNets #ArtificialIntelligence #DeepLearning #RT Cc: @fchollet @dpatil @mrogati

Machine Learning for Everyone

In simple words. With real-world examples. Yes, again

On Mar 15, 2019
@EnrikeLopez shared
RT @simonlporter: Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology

Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology

Strategy, culture, and customer experience are just as important.

On Jul 18, 2019
@AccentureTech shared
The top 10 #digitaltransformation trends for 2020, via @danielnewmanUV: #5G #Blockchain #RPA #Analytics #AI

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

Exploring the most significant digital transformation trends that will impact business and our lives in 2020

On Jun 21, 2019
@futureworkplace shared
McKinsey predicts roughly 30% of the activities in 60% of all occupations could be automated. #FutureOfWork #AI #HR

Jobs lost, jobs gained: What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages

In an era marked by rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence, new research assesses the jobs lost and jobs gained under different scenarios through 2030.

On Aug 5, 2019
@FastCompany shared
It’s not about the perks. The first-ever Best Workplaces for Innovators list honors 50 companies where all employees—from entry-level hires to senior leadership—have an opportunity to make a real difference. Meet the 2019 #FCBestWorkplaces:

The 50 best workplaces for innovators

Most companies these days claim to embrace innovation. Fast Company partnered with Accenture to identify 50 organizations that actually cultivate big ideas and encourage experimentation.

On Oct 30, 2019
@EnrikeLopez shared
Increased dependency of industries on #AI is raising concerns that humans workers will be pushed out but this is unlikely based on recent studies. Learn why.

Why The Future Of Work Lies In Collaborative Intelligence

Increased dependency of industries on AI is raising concerns that humans workers will be pushed out but this is unlikely based on recent studies. Learn why.

On Oct 11, 2019
@Ronald_vanLoon shared
A Long View On How #BigData And #AI Have Transformed #Business Culture by @RandyBeanNVP @Forbes Read more #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MI #DataScience #Analytics #Robotics #5G Cc: @paula_piccard @ronald_vanloon @yvesmulkers

A Long View on How Big Data and AI Have Transformed Business Culture

Today, as data has become a lifeblood of industry leading firms, competing on analytics has become an unquestioned mantra, and firms have anointed Chief Data Officers to occupy the C-Suite.

On Aug 21, 2019
@evankirstel shared
RT @nokiaindustries: Did you know that our Oulu facility manufactures 1,000 Nokia #4G and #5G base stations per day?

Nokia Employs 5G In Its Own Factory

To prove the capabilities of its private wireless 4.9G & 5G networks, edge/cloud, and analytics technologies, Nokia put them into play in its Oulu,...

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