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Employment Law Trends to Watch in 2020

On Feb 26, 2020
@MoFoLLP shared
[email protected]’s Andrew Turnbull and Eric Tate discuss six #employmentlaw trends to watch in 2020:

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On Feb 26, 2020
@MoFoLLP shared
[email protected]’s Andrew Turnbull and Eric Tate discuss six #employmentlaw trends to watch in 2020:

Employment Law Trends to Watch in 2020

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States Look to Remedy Pay Gap as Federal Legislation Stalls (1)

Legislation to address pay equity and discrimination continues to see more success in states than at the federal level, creating a patchwork system that’s difficult for employers to ...

Startup Law A to Z: Employment Law

Your startup will not succeed unless you, the founder, build an exceptional team. Great teams are built on top of great culture. Yet any venture-backed startup founder will tell you, myself ...

The Leaders Championing the Gender Equality at Work Movement

The long history of gender pay inequality dates back to WWI in the early 1900s when women took on men's jobs when they were fighting in the army abroad. During this period, women were ...

Changes to Workplace Law for 2020

Overtime Rule In September of 2019, DOL issued a final rule that provides a reasonable update to the salary threshold to qualify for overtime pay and makes other changes to the Fair Labor ...

New Jersey: Lawmakers Advance Important Marijuana Law Reform Bills

In some big news out of New Jersey, several marijuana reform bills have been voted out of their committees and are awaiting floor votes.

Two Crucial HR Trends to Watch in 2020

An HR expert shares how to stay ahead of challenges to keep your workforce prepared and compliant.

Labor Day Blues: Why Legal Cannabis Can Still Get You Fired

Only 11 of 31 states where cannabis is legal protect workers from being fired for off-duty use. And there are zero protections for recreational consumers.

Postmates, Uber challenge AB-5 in suit

The companies claimed they "can establish that app-based independent service providers are not employees under the ABC test."

Bill Aims To Include Workplace Protections For Medical Marijuana Users

In New Mexico, employees with medical cannabis cards have been fired because they tested positive for marijuana at work. Federal and state judges in three

Bernie Sanders

    The Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) campaign answered questions sent by Fortune and Time’s Up via email. The following transcript of that exchange has been edited for length and clarity.  ...

Gender Justice in the Workplace

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would: Clarify that employers must make reasonable accommodations for workers affected by a known limitation related to pregnancy, childbirth or related ...