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On May 25, 2019
@dankennedy_nu shared
RT @aleszubajak: So excited that @storybench is shortlisted for a data journalism award! In the spirit of the site, here’s a behind the scenes look at why @dinakraft, @crowdsourcing and I built it at @Northeastern
On Nov 6, 2019
@jbenton shared
@NiemanLab People who have had this job before include digital journalism rockstars like @zseward, @alafrance, @lkmcgann, @megangarber, @JustinNXT, @ceodonovan, @shansquared, @ylichterman, @rbilton, and @andrewphelps — it's a pretty great gig, if I do say so myself.

We’re hiring: Come work for Nieman Lab as a staff writer

We have an opening for a staff writer here at Nieman Lab. If you're interested, apply over here! The job's pretty easy to describe: You see all the stories on this website? The ones about ...

On Jul 23, 2019
@jeffjarvis shared
The data do not agree.

It’s Not the Technology, Stupid: How the ‘Echo Chamber’ and ‘Filter Bubble’ Metaphors Have Failed Us

Such disconnection from and ignorance of alternative perspectives is assumed to result from a combination of individual choice, in selecting the news sources to consult or the social media ...

On Jul 15, 2019
@pilhofer shared
RT @xhgMattia: Hey journo friends, help needed! We are wrapping up the survey phase of #JournalismAI, but still looking to interview a few more newsrooms about their experience with #AI tech. Can you help us spread the word? More info: 🔹 🔹

How AI could shape the future of journalism

What is the future of artificial intelligence for news? Journalism AI is surveying newsrooms across the world to find answers.

On Sep 13, 2019
@Chanders shared
RT @jscvienna: Sad that #foj2019 is coming to an end and nothing to do around this time next year? Come to Vienna to discuss the (ir)relevance of journalism and the future of journalism studies! CfP is open until Feb 29, 2020
On Aug 5, 2019
@Poynter shared
Here are the memos that @Gannett and @GateHouse_Media employees received via email today about the new direction of their companies.

Here are the memos that GateHouse and Gannett employees got today about the merger

These are the two memos that employees of GateHouse Media and Gannett were emailed on Monday.

On Apr 30, 2019
@jbenton shared
RT @NiemanLab: The Correspondent apologizes as Nate Silver, David Simon, and Baratunde Thurston speak out
On Sep 11, 2019
@jeffjarvis shared
Instead of paying attention to their business and working on their own damned strategy, dying newspaper publishers curse the cold wind of the future.

Newspapers turn to lobbying against Facebook and Google

"Our belief is that the current antitrust laws don’t allow us to work together."

On Jan 27, 2019
@jeffjarvis shared
RT @jayrosen_nyu: By @jeffjarvis: "Manjoo ends declaring: 'Twitter will ruin us, and we should stop.' No, that attitude of snobbery and willful ignorance of the world around us and moral panic about technology is what will la-la-la the news business into oblivion."

Journalism is the conversation. The conversation is journalism.

I am sorely disappointed in The New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo, CNN’s Brian Stelter, and other journalists who these days are announcing to…

On May 20, 2019
@Brizzyc shared
"The key point, however, is that a journalism upstart doesn’t need to chase a daunting goal of one million true fans; it’s entirely possible to build a successful journalism business around a more attainable number."

What 1000 true fans means for today’s journalism startups

The journey to 1000 true fans is an opportunity to refine your value proposition

On May 3, 2019
@jbenton shared
RT @niemanfdn: Meet the Nieman class of 2020! These 27 talented journalists from around the world will begin two semesters of study at @Harvard this fall. Dedicated, curious and talented, they report across all platforms. Welcome to all.

Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard announces the 82nd class of Nieman Fellows

The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, home to internationally recognized journalism fellowships, programs and publications, has selected 27 Nieman Fellows for the class of 2020. ...

On Jul 21, 2019
@davewiner shared
Getting the Mueller Report Right.

Getting the Mueller Report Right

Two consultants lead a drive to create an accessible e-version of the Mueller report.

On Aug 3, 2019
@Brizzyc shared
Public Square Program Internship, Fall 2019

Public Square Program Internship, Fall 2019

Apply to Public Square Program Internship, Fall 2019 at Democracy Fund in Washington, DC.

On Feb 20, 2019
@jeffjarvis shared
RT @Brizzyc: "as a black journalist, our tradition is different b/c we were journalists who were writing in a country who was opposed to our very existence. So we could never just simply quote-unquote report straight news." Must read for j students by @nhannahjones

We Built This: Nikole Hannah-Jones Has Raised The Bar For Investigative Journalism

"What’s important is to say how and why does it happen, and that then helps us explain America to itself because the experience of black people is the ex...

On Sep 15, 2019
@jbenton shared
RT @nikkiusher: Great work by @docmattweber and @pmnapoli on news deserts and Facebook data. They find that people don’t click on politics, but they do care about traffic and emergencies. I still hate that obituaries are not critical information in this classification.

Researchers analyzed more than 300,000 local news stories on Facebook. Here’s what they found.

"59 percent of the stories we were able to categorize served a critical information need...Aside from critical information needs, 31 percent of stories categorized covered sports and 9 ...

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