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On May 26, 2018
@NiemanLab shared
"Apart from one paper with the phrase 'political economy' in the title, I could not find any work on the business of journalism. I find that extraordinary, and extraordinarily troubling."
On Apr 2, 2018
@mediatwit shared
[email protected] researched the main reasons news startups don’t make it. Read what they are.

7 Reasons Why News Startups Fail

Startups possess great potential to improve journalism. In theory, they can be the sites where new products, novel revenue streams and altered ways of organizing are discovered, tested and ...

On Apr 16, 2018
@amonck shared
RT @samirsaran: #AI has a #gender problem. Here’s what to do about it - @madhumachi and I write for the @wef #codedpatriarchy #LAWS #SexBots #Servility

AI has a gender problem. Here’s what to do about it

Submissive female robots, servile voice assistants - does AI need a feminist revolution?

On Oct 15, 2018
@Brizzyc shared
"The First Question for Journalism" - @HBCompass This is a must-read. #socialj

The First Question for Journalism

The question that comes before being able to scale or innovate or succeed at developing a winning business model.

On Apr 21, 2018
@mediagazer shared
Local TV news stations experiment with crowdsourced reporting, augmented reality, and injecting more personality into the news to attract young viewers (Nieman Reports)

Reinventing Local TV News

When the Rev. Billy Graham died in February, Raleigh-based WRAL-TV provided expansive coverage of the famed evangelist’s life and legacy. That was no …

On Jul 19, 2018
@NiemanLab shared
RT @roseluqiu: The universe of people trying to deceive journalists keeps expanding, and newsrooms aren’t ready via @NiemanLab

The universe of people trying to deceive journalists keeps expanding, and newsrooms aren’t ready

"It's going to be a while before we really have an understanding of how we work to combat it beyond the traditional methods that we have used for a few years now."

On Sep 25, 2018
@jbenton shared
RT @risj_oxford: Welcoming @julieposetti who arrives at @risj_oxford today. Julie will lead the Journalism Innovation Project, a new research initiative designed to support global journalism practice.

New Journalism Innovation Project

The Journalism Innovation Project aims to identify and analyse examples of innovative best practices in digital, mobile, and social media journalism to generate new insights to help ...

On Mar 6, 2018
@mediatwit shared
[email protected] recently hosted a headline writing contest that pitted the company’s editors against its Facebook fans. It’s just one way broadcasters are engaging more with the audience. @daleblasingame @ChikageWeather @morningdosetv @TEGNA @nabpilot

How Broadcasters Are Making Two-Way Experiences with Interactive Content

The following is a sponsored post from NAB Pilot to promote its Innovation Stories section. Read more about how broadcasters are innovating here. For decades, “broadcast” was a one-way ...

On Mar 30, 2018
@pwthornton shared
RT @IDEOorg: We're #hiring Design Leads for our studios in SF, NYC and NR! Learn more about the 5 qualities our Talent team looks for in candidates #designjobs

What I Look For...

If you’re looking for a job at, read this.

On Jun 19, 2018
@mediagazer shared
At the WAN-IFRA annual congress, the head of the Portuguese press association forcibly kissed a woman onstage, one of a number of misogynistic incidents (Nieman Lab)

How to end misogyny in the news industry: An open letter to the international journalism community

"We are done pandering to the egos of change-resistant influential men in the hope that our gentle lead will eventually encourage them to join us on a meander toward gender equality in the ...

On Apr 3, 2018
@mathewi shared
RT @michellemanafy: Your own devices will give the next Cambridge Analytica far more power to influence your vote @justinhendrix @profcarroll via @techreview

Your own devices will give the next Cambridge Analytica far more power to influence your vote

Greater connectivity, more data, and auto-generated content will make today’s manipulation techniques look primitive.

On Apr 12, 2018
@Poynter shared
A local TV station hired a cartoonist to tell stories that are tough to photograph

A local TV station hired a cartoonist to tell stories that are tough to photograph

WCPO-TV in Cincinnati has a full-time "comics journalist" on staff. He illustrates serious stories that others might avoid, stories that are difficult to photograph because the subjects are ...

On May 16, 2018
@NiemanLab shared
When do we stop calling it local *TV* news?

What is innovation in local TV news? Andrew Heyward’s new mission is to find out

"It’s a great question because I don’t think we’re suddenly going to come up with some great gimmick and Millennials are going to flock to their TV to watch traditional newscasts."

On May 10, 2018
@NiemanLab shared
"There’s a lot of bullshit in the Valley.” — @richardgingras, Google's VP of news

Google’s news chief Richard Gingras: “We need to rethink journalism at every dimension”

"I think we need to be way more humble. As I often say, technology has value but it doesn’t have values. It’s what we do with it. There’s a lot of bullshit in the Valley."

On Apr 5, 2018
@Poynter shared
From the institute: Poynter has announced two more classes selected for the 2018 Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media #DigitalWomen

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