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On Mar 9, 2018
@jaypalter shared
Top #DigitalTransformation #influencers feat. @satyanadella @briansolis @rwang0 @dhinchcliffe @TheEbizWizard @Intellyx @schmarzo @MikeQuindazzi @Bob_Hetu @TamaraMcCleary @danielnewmanUV

#DigitalTransformation 2018: Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications

An exhaustive list of the top 100 digital transformation influencers, brands and publications driving the most engagement in 2018.

On Apr 5, 2018
@leimer shared
RT @Chris_Skinner: To understand banking’s future, it is important to think about its past via Chris Skinner's blog - I was super impressed by an article written by FinTech friend Bradley Leimer for International Banker the other day, and asked ...

To understand banking’s future, it is important to think about its past

I was super impressed by an article written by FinTech friend Bradley Leimer for International Banker the other day, and asked if I could share on the blog. Bradley kindly said yes, so here ...

On Mar 29, 2018
@Mellinghoff shared
RT @FMFdigital: The @FinTechForum_DE on Tour stopped in #Frankfurt. The future cooperation between #FinTechs and #banks, as well as the #UK and Germany were at the core of the are more great(britain) impressions:

Building FinTech bridges between London and Frankfurt

FinTech Forum On Tour in Frankfurt On March 22, 2018, promising entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions and others interested in FinTech, gathered in Frankfurt for the FinTech ...

On Mar 29, 2018
@LizLum shared
RT @UrvashiPrakash: There is a lot that happens behind the well draped PR curtains of banks and new financial service providers, every opportunity can not ripen into an option. Read more.. #Openbanking: the struggle behind bank-fintech ppartnerships by @LizLum via @raconteur

Open banking: the struggle behind bank-fintech partnerships

Collaboration between financial technology startups and established banks sounds good in theory, but may be difficult in practice

On Apr 15, 2018
@JimMarous shared
RT @JimMarous: Thank you to my team at @provokemgmt, including @BrettKing, @Jay_Provoke, @markovicnz_t, and my producer, Clayton Fitts for my first speaker promo reel. @DeepLearn007 @SpirosMargaris @MikeQuindazzi @ipfconline1 @Efma_news @BAI_Info @TamaraMcCleary

Jim Marous Promo Reel

Partner with a compelling presenter who earns the highest ratings at industry events. Reward your audiences with one of the world’s best known financial serv...

On Nov 19, 2018
@jaypalter shared
How #Fintech is targeting #Millennials using #AI and #MachineLearning by @davidsemerad

How Fintech Is Targeting Millennials Using AI And Machine-Learning

A lot of big banks have already deployed mobile apps in an effort to keep up with shifting consumer trends, which are rapidly moving toward the complete digitization of the sector.

On Apr 17, 2018
@FINTECHCircle shared
Recruitment: Building a #FinTech Desk via @FTC_Institute By Noel Peatfield- Marketing Manager,FINTECH Circle @noelpeatfield

Recruitment: Building a FinTech Desk

By Noel Peatfield, Marketing Manager FINTECH Circle Follow: @FTC_Institute Finding the best talent and retaining them is one of the main challenges for businesses today and the more ...

On Mar 31, 2018
@WIRED shared
RT @EmmanuelMacron: Read my interview with @WIRED on artificial intelligence :

Emmanuel Macron Talks to WIRED About France's AI Strategy

In an interview with WIRED, French President Emmanuel Macron describes his plans to enhance the country's AI efforts—and differentiate them from those in the US.

On Oct 1, 2018
@niccary shared
In case you missed it, here's a great summary of our Stablecoin Report and everything you need to know about them via @BIUK_Finance @blockchain

The crypto world is going wild for 'stablecoins' — here's everything you need to know about them

'Stablecoins' are the hottest thing in crypto right now, with over 50 projects in development. A 'stablecoin' is a cryptocurrency that's price is pegged to a real-world asset like gold or ...

On Sep 27, 2018
@AlleyWatch shared
This NYC Startup Just Raised $3.87M to Give Denied Credit Applicants a Second Chance via @AlleyWatch #digitalnyc
On Mar 29, 2018
@JimMarous shared
What NEXT for Tech Innovation? HT @DeepLearn007 #AI #MachineLearning #BigData #TechTrends #Blockchain #Fintech #Robotics #AR #VR #IoT @samsung @ipfconline1 @BrettKing @leimer @evankirstel @Shirastweet @Tiffani_Bova @Socialfave @MarshaCollier @cgledhill
On Aug 13, 2018
@Chris_Skinner shared
5 great books for your summer holidays

Five books for blockchain enthusiasts this summer

We appreciate you’re probably not taking Coin Rivet on holiday with you (although you really should). But whether you’re off on a cruise, lounging on the beach, hiking in the middle of ...

On Mar 18, 2018
@cgledhill shared
RT @cgledhill: Playboy Announces Online Payment Wallet to Accept Payments in #Cryptocurrency #fintech

Playboy Announces Online Payment Wallet to Accept Payments in Cryptocurrency

Playboy also announced a new Vice Industry Token (VIT) which is basically an adult-industry token and will be used to access the exclusive content on Playboy and other partner websites.

On Apr 9, 2018
@FinTech50julie shared
RT @TheFinTech50: #FinTech can address inequality in Asia, where in emerging economies such as Cambodia only 5 percent of the population has access to formal banking services

Fintech can address Asia’s inequality

Innovations in finance technology can increase the level of access to capital and financial inclusion in Asia.

On Mar 30, 2018
@RAlexJimenez shared
#SaaS is your next #innovation enabler @Oracle | #in

SaaS is your next innovation enabler

Fact #1: Utilities, like most businesses, need multiple back-office IT systems from CIS to MDM to ERP. Fact #2: These IT systems are typically deployed...

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