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VC @IDinvest (ex @balderton and @xangevc , @laposte). Tweet about the #web #tech #startups #decentralization #surveillancecapitalism. Fan of Claude Shannon.

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Santander InnoVentures partners with fintech startups, providing funds, expertise and access to the Santander Group network - [email protected]

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Bringing the #FinTech community together, largest FinTech #Meetup, connecting #entrepreneurs, #investors, and industry leaders

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A resource for the #FinTech #Startup community. Brought to you by ValueStream Labs (@FinTechNY).

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Managing Director, TechFluence UK | Co-head jury #Fintech Germany Award #FTGA2020 #FTGA | https://t.co/snHt5SHTjZ

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The world's most connected community for finance, cybersecurity, retail and smart-city technology businesses.

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Chief Correspondent 📝 - Fintech @Reuters | lots of finance💰+ tech 💻 | (and also crypto) | (and also many much cooler things) | [email protected]

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FinTech Investor. Innotribe Co-Founder, ex SWIFT, Co-Founder FinTechStage (.com), Speaker, Author. my opinions. IG matteorizziofficial

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Head of Comms @ThoughtMachine, [email protected], [email protected], also: https://t.co/30sgi3YMWw. All views my own.

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Founder @UnconventionVC | Advisor | Writer | Speaker | One Vision 🎧 | Author 📖 Beyond Good 🛒 https://t.co/xmAR6P7e9u | #makebankingbetter | 🙋‍♂️

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London-based accelerator uniting FinTechs with big companies | Run by @Accenture Apply now! https://t.co/wRAQ7INZNa

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digitally native finance

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Director, VC Innovations. Leading the FinTech Talents Festivals into 2021 domination. Firmly in the 'Big Tent FinTech' Camp. Girl, Disrupted.

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Founder of @Finovate Group. Principal @TheFintechLab & BUX Certified. Seeking the best in #fintech since 1995.

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Asia Pac’s source of fintech design, innovation & entrepreneurship. 🚀 🌏

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Cofounder of @a16z. Author of The Hard Thing About Hard Things. New book, What You Do Is Who You Are, 10/29 https://t.co/KS3kHofi82

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The best global network of fintech conferences & media reinventing finance through design, innovation & entrepreneurship.

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Global head of Tech Law at EY & UK head of Fast Growth; working with tech investors and entrepreneurs; inaugural FinTech 40 member; connecting the (Tech) dots

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Chief Innovation Officer at Société Générale. Views are my own.

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The worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. #GiveFirst

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Bestselling Author https://t.co/Cyq9GYBgvN, Founder Moven, Speaker | Futurist | Host World's #1 Fintech Radio Show https://t.co/8Xw1sQCYLt | Fintech Hall of Fame | Immigrant

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