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On Feb 21, 2019
@beelizabeth_ shared
RT @SpirosMargaris: Why we have #fintech influencers A chat with @jaypalter & @SpirosMargaris @beelizabeth_ @findercomau @JimMarous @BrettKing @Chris_Skinner @cgledhill @psb_dc @FintechCH @Xbond49 @helene_wpli @guzmand @UrsBolt @sbmeunier @stratorob @FrankJSchwab
On Feb 21, 2019
@beelizabeth_ shared
RT @SpirosMargaris: Why we have #fintech influencers A chat with @jaypalter & @SpirosMargaris @beelizabeth_ @findercomau @JimMarous @BrettKing @Chris_Skinner @cgledhill @psb_dc @FintechCH @Xbond49 @helene_wpli @guzmand @UrsBolt @sbmeunier @stratorob @FrankJSchwab

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