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the European Transport Forum offers key players in the #transport sector a platform for debate on the future of #EuropeanTransport #transportforum2016

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Chief advisor, Finnish Transport Safety Agency @Trafi_Finland. Future of #Transport system & Policy. Transport safety, sustainability, markets and resilience.

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Partner at @McKinsey Leads global #Future of #Mobility initiative.Interested in #disruption #innovation #systemchange #energy #transport Views are entirely mine

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Urban transportation researcher. Let's talk about the future of mobility. #bikes #transit #sharedmobility

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Experienced Executive in Mobility Services | Excited about the future of mobility!

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Head of Communications moovel Group (Daimler AG subsidiary). Updates on moovel app & moovel transit. Also on car2go, mytaxi, autonomous driving & smart cities.

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Community of bloggers promoting civic sustainability, green building, and urban design, planning, and environmentalism.

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Cloud based operator system for Electric Vehicle charging service providers and infrastructure investors. Charge & Drive network in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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Technology+Policy Wonk; Harvard @Kennedy_School alum; Dabble all day in: Transportation, vehicle automation, technology, climate science, energy, geopolitics

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John Calimente - transportation planner. Mass transit, rail, biking, walking, gondolas, car share, transit integrated communities + multi-modal life.

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Friends of the Earth Europe folk in Brussels, representing people and planet, campaigning for sustainable and just societies and protection of the environment

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Fmr. EU Commissioner for Climate Action. Chairman of KR Foundation, Concito and OECD Round Table for Sustainability

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Integrated transportation and logistics solutions for safe, cost-effective and environment-friendly passenger and freight transport. https://t.co/rx3LpdDU9S

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Each year from 16-22 September, the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK is the most widespread event to raise awareness of sustainable mobility

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We are the voice of the #motorcycle industry in #Europe. We tweet about #motorcycles, #scooters, #transport policy in the #EU and more https://t.co/pbDBgU1kuN

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Gemeente Amsterdam. Samen naar een duurzame en toekomstbestendige stad! |Duurzame energie | Elektrisch vervoer | Rainproof | Circulair | Financiering | Advies|

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The Smart Transportation Alliance (STA) is a not-for-profit global collaborative platform for transportation infrastructure innovation.

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Tweeting on how to make urban transport enrich our lives more and harm us all less. Lots on parking policy especially.

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The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) represents the 15 Europe-based car, van, truck and bus makers.

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We’re advancing cooperation between shared-use providers, public transport, cities and the communities they serve.

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Sustainable transport, smart growth and livable streets, nationwide.

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