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On Apr 4, 2018
@AgFunder shared
Can Supermarkets Nurture Sustainable Farming Practices?

Op-ed: Can Grocery Stores Teach Farmers How to Be More Sustainable?

Rob Guillemin challenges grocery stores to develop policies that drive a broad range of sustainable agriculture practices?

On May 16, 2018
@foodtank shared
RT @DefendingBeef: Heard of Regenerative Agriculture? These 17 organizations promote farming principles that not only grow nutritious food, but revitalize the soil & restore ecosystems. via @foodtank Yay some gr8 names on this list including @SavoryInstitute @kissthegroundCA

17 Organizations Feeding and Healing the World Through Regenerative Agriculture

Food Tank has created a list of 17 organizations dedicated to feeding and healing the world through regenerative agriculture.

On Apr 11, 2018
@SusFoodTrust shared
RT @SoilsforLife: "Now more than ever we need unifying, inclusive policy measures that are applicable to all producers and production systems" Some wise words from a UK soil advocate @SusFoodTrust
On Mar 3, 2018
@foodtank shared
RT @eartheats: Ernesto Fonseca speaks at Food Tank summit. "His work seeks to empower low- and middle-income communities, taking a systems approach to community development," #food #farming #future #foodtank @foodtank

Ernesto Fonseca: Affordability and Access for Low-Income Communities

Ernesto Fonseca discusses his personal struggle when shifting to a new food diet. Now, he works to uplift other low-income communities from the same struggles.

On Oct 15, 2018
@foodtank shared
"There is a special kind of guilt that comes with food waste.” [email protected], @nytimes at the NYC #FoodTank Summit. Join us next Nov 14th in San Diego:

2018 Food Tank Summit (San Diego, CA): Growing the Food Movement

The San Diego 1st Annual Food Tank Summit Wednesday, November 14 ***Hurry, this Summit will sell out!***  Food Tank, the Berry Good Food Foundation, the University of California's ...

On Nov 29, 2018
@foodtechconnect shared
Our nation needs to accelerate artificial intelligence for farm tech @DaniNierenberg

Our nation needs to accelerate artificial intelligence for farm tech

Emerging artificial intelligence farm tech, such as autonomous ATVs, smart wearable devices and drones, are helping advance the future of food.

On Nov 25, 2018
@AgFunder shared
For a New Generation of Farmers, Accessing Land is the First Step Toward Tackling Consolidation #agriculture #Millennials

For a New Generation of Farmers, Accessing Land is the First Step Toward Tackling Consolidation

With the help of nonprofits and land trusts, young farmers are to staking out the space to change the face of America’s farmland.

On May 4, 2018
@SusFoodTrust shared
RT @NPGalerts: UK environment secretary praised for making “critical link” between food systems and healthy diets. @SusFoodTrust

Gove praised for making ‘critical link’ between food systems and healthy diets

The UK environment secretary, Michael Gove, won praise this week from the chief executive of the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT), Patrick Holden, for being “the first minister to accept the ...

On Jul 13, 2018
@SustFoodSystems shared

The future of food is up to chefs

It's up to chefs to shape the future of food by using flavor to drive diners toward healthy and sustainable diets, author Michael Ruhlman said at the Culinary Institute of America's Menus ...

On Jul 31, 2018
@foodtank shared
“The fruits and vegetables available on our local farms are fresh, nutritious, and can fill the bellies of an ongoing conversation on how communities can take care of each other while impacting the national agenda on the future of food.” -Hannah Semler.

Respecting the Value of Food: Eating What We Grow

Hannah Semler uses respect to increase food access and decrease farm loss.

On Apr 2, 2018
@foodtank shared
RT @FAOKnowledge: "Innovation means increasing the resilience and sustainability of our food systems, especially in the face of climate change." Op-ed by @grazianodasilva on #agroecology 👉 #ZeroHunger @foodtank

Agroecology: A Path to Sustainable Development

FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva writes about agroecology & nutritious and accessible food, ecosystem services, and climate resilience.

On Oct 29, 2018
@ICRAF shared
RT @SIFFInd: While modern #agriculture helped improve & #foodsecurity, its use of chemicals degraded #soilhealth. If current trends continue, then #soil - a complex ecosystem of microbes, minerals, decomposing organic matter, air and water - may be gone by 2050.

Our Dirty Secret: Soil is on the Endangered List

FoodShot Global has launched a $30 million investment platform to transform the food system, starting with sustainable soil.

On Mar 12, 2018
@foodtank shared
“How can we make food policy more relevant to politicians so that they can take action on behalf of the people they represent?” - Alexis Taylor, Director of the @ORagriculture. Hear her speak at the #FoodTank Seattle Summit on March 17:

Agriculture Policy Expert Alexis Taylor on Innovation in the Food System

Agriculture Policy Expert Alexis Taylor provides insight into food policy in the U.S. and why youth are the future of farming and agriculture.

On Jun 11, 2018
@foodtank shared
RT @DaniNierenberg: “The retail price of food rarely accounts for the cost of pollution, water scarcity, soil degradation, GHG emissions, & poor labor standards, not to mention the health effects of non-nutritious foods.” More via @foodtank & @BarillaCFN's #NourishedPlanet]:

The True Cost of Food: An Excerpt from Nourished Planet, Publishing in June 2018

Food has hidden costs that are destroying people and the planet. Nourished Planet unveils new tools to measure the cost from field to fork.

On Mar 17, 2018
@foodtank shared
RT @nancyleson: Great to see Mark Musick as #foodtank keynote. Learn why he’s a NW treasure in this profile, courtesy of @RebekahDenn @foodtank

Mark Musick transformed the way Seattle thinks of local, seasonal food

Local, seasonal, organic? Seattle food pioneer Mark Musick has been preaching it all for four decades.

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