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Exploring the future of open-source computational and networked food systems @medialab most tweets from the head #nerdfarmer @calebgrowsfood

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The Original Guide to Living Wisely: Organic Gardening, Homesteading, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Food & Farming, DIY, Green Homes, Natural Health & More

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We preserve the environment by partnering with families to improve well-being through sustainable farming.

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Christiana curates and catalyzes conversations on the future of food through research, events, and advocacy.

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The Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food is an interdisciplinary research programme at @UniofOxford, @oxmartinschool. Director: Prof. Charles Godfray.

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@FoodTank Founder and President. Email me: [email protected] Join the fight for a better food system: https://t.co/uVb9OzynCy

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A nonprofit news org for people who want a planet that doesn’t burn and a future that doesn’t suck. 🌍

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Join Food Tank today, because together we'll change the food system! @DaniNierenberg, President. Sign-Up: https://t.co/uVb9OzynCy

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Author of Cooked; Food Rules; In Defense of Food; The Omnivore’s Dilemma; The Botany of Desire; A Place of My Own and Second Nature.

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Latest news on energy, environment, animals and more.

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We're an independent global campaigning organisation acting to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect the environment and promote peace.

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Stay up to date with the latest news, events and info from the U.S. Department of Agriculture - and live tweeting, too!

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Links, Ideas and Conversation from the TreeHugger hive mind, the latest in modern green.

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We're a quarterly magazine and daily website for people who care about where their food comes from. Get an #ImmigrantsFeedAmerica shirt: https://t.co/YesFEoeIvM

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Since its inception nearly 130 years ago, the core purpose of National Geographic has been to further the knowledge and awareness of our world.

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We work to help all people lead healthy, productive lives, focused on health, poverty, and opportunity. Bill & Melinda's Annual Letter https://t.co/LlsvCoWlTI

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Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Founder of https://t.co/PvZxwxYAYF

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Join a global movement that's inspiring the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis. 350=safe upper limit of CO2 in atmosphere.

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Sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests...

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