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Energy Editor, MIT Technology Review; author of Coal Wars: The Future of Energy & the Fate of the Planet; Kierkegaardian, Pynchonian. All opinions my own.

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Renewable energy team leader for Bloomberg News in London tweeting about the future of energy, climate and environment.

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Energy Intelligence is the leading independent provider of objective insight, unbiased analysis and reliable data to the global energy industry.

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The energy industry's annual cross-sector event series, created by @EnerKnol to fuel industry investment & collaboration. #NYEW

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US Industry and Energy Editor at the Financial Times, based in New York

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DC-based @Bloomberg reporter covering #energy, #environment, #oil, #gas, #wind, #solar & #Congress. @HoustonChron & FuelFix alumnus. Will work for tips.

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Building the new clean energy economy. Reducing nuclear dangers & environmental risks. Expanding the frontiers of knowledge via innovative scientific research.

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I cover energy policy for The Wall Street Journal. https://t.co/3mJvSASQA3 [email protected]

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Breaking Energy provides access to news, analysis, thought leadership, reference materials and discussions about the day’s most important energy market trends.

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The leading information services provider on the global energy transformation: http://t.co/M8H0oBjNdG

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California business leader. Philanthropist. Advanced energy advocate. Tartan tie enthusiast.

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News, links, tips, and conversation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Neither RT nor @mentions imply endorsement.

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Clean energy, climate and transportation leader, organizing constituencies, policy strategy & philanthropy. CEO Fresh Energy & Publisher http://t.co/wDNZpX5Pd4

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Energy industry news, data & research in real time. An @SPGMarketIntel offering. News trial: http://t.co/LYTamB0P8T Disclosures: https://t.co/fI0jeEPBYy

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Daily low carbon economy news, facts, live events & #ClimateTV leader interviews. Follow #StatesandRegions #RE100 #EP100 #CWNYC and #EnergyAccess2016

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Independent energy analyst and journalist. My own views, RTs ≠ endorsements.

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We conduct research on public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy support & behavior. Posted events are not endorsements.

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Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Founder of https://t.co/PvZxwxYAYF

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U.S. Secretary of @Energy. Tweets from Secretary Moniz signed -EM.

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I cover energy and environment policy for the New York Times. [email protected]

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Latest news on energy, environment, animals and more.

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