Top news of the week: 03.03.2020.

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Future Of Energy

On Feb 28, 2020
@NobleIdeas shared
RT @DavidPomerantz: NEW: Southern Co. & Entergy are trying to block public interest groups and clean energy businesses from presenting data and asking questions in cases that will see regulators decide whether much of the South gets clean or dirty energy. I wonder why?

Southern Company Attempts to Block Public Input in Resource Planning; Entergy Joins in Mississippi

Southern Company has been objecting to participation in regulatory proceedings such as integrated resource plans and certificates of public need.

On Feb 27, 2020
@PVSolarReport shared
Global energy storage market to surge to 15 GW by 2024 – pv magazine USA

Global energy storage market to surge to 15 GW by 2024

The sector continues to grow rapidly -- but delays in manufacturing scale-ups, difficulties sourcing raw materials and a separate path taken by the EV industry could all chuck ‘sand in the ...

On Feb 28, 2020
@greentechmedia shared
RT @RockyMtnInst: New 35-megawatt #cleanenergy deal in Charlotte, NC demonstrates an innovative way for cities to partner with utilities to deliver on #renewables. Blog by experts at @RockyMtnInst & @WorldResources explains how it works: #CityRenewables #USClimateCities

Charlotte Is the Largest US City to Buy Renewable Energy through a Green Tariff. Here’s How to Ensure More Follow.

More than 200 US cities, townships, and counties have adopted 100 percent clean energy targets. While some have already achieved them, many more are still trying to figure out how they will ...

On Feb 26, 2020
@NRDC shared
RT @WorldResources: Charlotte’s new 35-megawatt, large-scale solar deal will create over 400 jobs, improve air quality & save the city $2 million over 20 years. Experts at @WRIEnergy & @RockyMtnInst explain how Charlotte did it. Read on: #CityRenewables #USClimateCities

Charlotte Is the Largest US City to Purchase Renewable Energy Through a Green Tariff

Charlotte's new deal is more remarkable for its design innovation than its size. It's the latest sign that cities are moving from championing clean energy to actually being able to buy and ...

On Feb 28, 2020
@TrinaSolarUS shared
Hats off to the mayor of #LosAngeles for committing all new or substantially rehabilitated buildings owned by the city to be 100% #carbonfree and to use less carbon-intensive building materials in the process:

Los Angeles city-owned buildings to go 100% carbon free

It's also the first California city to demand lower carbon in construction materials.

On Feb 26, 2020
@MichaelEMann shared
RT @batess: Renewables passed 20% for the first time ever. Kudos to @GovernorPerry for @energy focus on wind, solar, PV and EV (electric vehicles) continuing @BarackObama's efforts to deprecate coal and fossil fuels. Who knew you were such a Green? cc @MichaelEMann

Latest Data Book Shows U.S. Renewable Capacity Surpassed 20% for First Time in 2018

New edition also shows continued growth in U.S. installed wind and solar photovoltaic capacity, energy storage, and electric vehicle sales.

On Feb 28, 2020
@SierraClub shared
RT @Bwillisful: [email protected]_Magazine: Building Electrification Cuts Emissions as Cities Ditch Coal, Gas | @GaretBleir #BeyondCoal

Building Electrification Cuts Emissions as Cities Ditch Coal, Gas

Electrification movement grows as cities, states embrace renewable energy

On Mar 2, 2020
@ClimateGroup shared
RT @Danfoss: Our 2019 Sustainability Report is out. We are excited to share key achievements and show how we can contribute to a more sustainable world. We start the #ClimateDecade strong and commit to become #CO2neutral by 2030. Read more: #SDGs #Sustainability

Sustainability in review

Read about Danfoss commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and our work with the Sustainable Development Goals. Explore how sustainability is a part of our DNA, and it is a ...