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On Oct 31, 2019
@SierraClub shared
RT @Insure_Future: Today - As #CaliforniaFires continue to burn, groups & elected officials call on @LibertyMutual @AIG @WeAreFarmers - the top 3 fire insurers in CA - to stop making climate change worse: Press release here:

Elected Officials, Community Groups Tell Fire Insurers to Ditch Fossil Fuels in Wake of Rate Hikes and Non-Renewals

Amidst ongoing wildfires and massive insurance rate hikes and policy non-renewals across California, 44 groups, businesses, and elected representatives released a letter to the three ...

On Sep 12, 2019
@UCSUSA shared
RT @MarchForScience: 🚨 Scientists, please sign this letter supporting the Global #ClimateStrike 🚨 ✍️ @MichaelEMann @KHayhoe @GlobalEcoGuy @ayanaeliza @rahmstorf @ed_hawkins @NaomiOreskes @jrockstrom @ClimateOfGavin @CFigueres @MonaHannaA @UCSUSA @E4Dca @500womensci

Scientists Letter in Support of the Global Climate Strike

***Please add your signature and affiliation to the letter below in support of the Global Climate Strike that Greta Thunberg and other youth climate activists have called for. For more ...

On Nov 18, 2019
@CDP shared
Wall Street is incorporating a new risk metric when evaluating companies to assess what they are doing to address the risks of #ClimateChange. This is why businesses & cities are taking action and reporting to CDP today. Further details via @Reuters:

Wall Street increasingly weighs risk from climate change

In the wake of two years of devastating wildfires in California, Wall Street is ...

On Jun 24, 2019
@WRIClimate shared
Did you know one simple internet search is like leaving a 💡 on for 17 seconds? @WRIIndia on why #bigdata is way hotter than you think and what can be done to curb its carbon footprint |via @livemint

Opinion | Big data is way hotter than you think

Did you know that just one simple internet search is like leaving a light bulb on for 17 seconds?

On Sep 6, 2019
@ClimateNexus shared
Google’s algorithms are promoting denier content that disputes our current #climate crisis via @BuzzFeed

Google Is Promoting Climate Change Denialism On Its Apps And Its Mobile Homepage

“Google is aiding and abetting the promulgation of climate science misinformation.”

On Nov 4, 2019
@HeidiCullen shared
New @nature study finds climate change increasing the likelihood of extreme dry-to-wet precipitation events in California. In other words, a small shift in average precipitation, but big increase in extremes. Not good. Nice overview here: #CAwx #CAFire

Increasing precipitation whiplash in twenty-first century California

Note: This special Weather West article focuses on new peer-reviewed scientific research that my colleagues and I recently published in Nature Climate Change. Overview: small shift in ...

On Jun 29, 2019
@UN shared
Countries from around the 🌎 showcased their #ClimateAction - with many of them outlining ambitious goals to go carbon neutral by 2050 - at @UNFCCC Climate Conference in Germany #SB50Bonn

Bonn Climate Conference Ends with UN Call to Fully Deliver on Paris Agreement Mandates

Bonn, 27 June 2019 - The 2019 UN Bonn Climate Change Conference (SB50) wrapped up today after having considered a large number of decisions for ado...

On May 23, 2019
@CFigueres shared
This is not the moment for any gradual shift or any gradual change, this is actually the moment for total disruption in order to lay the groundwork for a much safer world. #Collision2019 #CollisionConf @GlobalOptimism @NatObserver @fatimabsyed

Architect of Paris Agreement says we need to ‘go exponential’ to beat climate crisis

Governments that fail to provide responses to the global climate crisis are doing so "at their own peril," former United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said during a visit to ...

On Sep 18, 2019
@ret_ward shared
Blown cover: Climate change could put insurance firms out of business via @TheEconomist

Climate change could put insurance firms out of business

That would leave customers without cover, even as it is needed more than ever

On Nov 23, 2019
@CDP shared
Our research shows that leading companies are failing to reach their 2020 net zero targets. As a result, Indigenous activists in New York & LA demand to move towards a more plant-based diet. Further details via @SustainBrands:

Walking the Talk Trending: CDP, LA, NYC Call for Radical Shift in Companies’ Treatment of Forests

New CDP research says industry 2020 zero-deforestation commitments are now impossible; and Councilmembers and Indigenous activists in New York and LA call for a boycott of Brazilian meat ...

On Nov 29, 2019
@ClimateGroup shared
RT @futureoffoodorg: During our event at #ClimateWeekNYC @davidnabarro and @NASAGISS's Cynthia Rosenzweig spoke to @nelehmorgan @devex about why food system transformation needs everyone at the table. More here: #ClimateAction #foodsystemtransformation

Food system transformation needs everyone at the table, experts say

Food security issues are expected to be increasingly exacerbated by climate change, causing challenges of overconsumption, environmental degradation, and underproduction. Can a ...

On Aug 29, 2019
@ChristopherNFox shared
RT @IIPP_UCL: Outlining the case for a US Federal Green Bank by @theilmatic @ClimateWorks
On Jul 21, 2019
@DivestHarvard shared
RT @WeDontHaveTime0: By continuing to invest in the fossil fuel industry, @Harvard ⚠️ perpetuates and profits from the destruction of all our futures. Agree if you think Harvard should stop investing in fossil fuel corporations. #divest #divestharvard @JeromeFosterII

Stop investing in fossil fuel corporations

The global community has agreed to take action to limit global warming to 1.5°C. And while President Bacow has reminded us of the role that Harvard plays as an international leader, the ...

On Dec 2, 2019
@CDP shared
RT @theRE100: UN climate change summit opens in Madrid amid last chance warnings | @CityAM @ClimateGroup @CDP #RE100 #COP25

UN climate change summit opens in Madrid amid last chance warnings

The UN Climate Change conference is underway in Madrid, as governments come together to take the next steps in the climate change process.

On Jun 20, 2019
@earthinstitute shared
RT @jmklopp1: 😢Reading before I head 2 #managedretreatCU2019 @earthinstitute to learn how to best adapt to irreversible impacts of #climatecrisis. If we fight climate instead of protecting it, we will lose spectacularly; lives, species, home, our future #climatecrisis

We Have Five Years To Save Ourselves From Climate Change, Harvard Scientist Says

The level of carbon now in the atmosphere hasn't been seen in 12 million years, a Harvard scientist said in Chicago Thursday, and this pollution is rapidly pushing the climate back to its ...

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