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On Feb 20, 2018
@ClimateDesk shared
It's been one year of amazing Scott Pruitt accomplishments, all of them horrible via @MotherJones

It’s Been One Year of Amazing Scott Pruitt Accomplishments, All of Them Horrible

Here's a list of his systematic attacks on environmental protections.

On Apr 15, 2018
@JeffDSachs shared
RT @Peter_Ormond: @checkupcbc If #Canada is focused on #ClimateAction , then this Kinder Morgan pipeline is the opposite of what @JustinTrudeau and @cathmckenna have been preaching for two years. @JeffDSachs outlines a path forward in the @globeandmail this week. @COP21

Forget Trans Mountain, here’s the sustainable way forward for Canada’s energy sector

Alberta’s oil sands have absolutely no place in a climate-safe world and investing in them is almost surely to be investing in a future bankruptcy

On Apr 24, 2018
@SierraClub shared
RT @Sierra_Magazine: New research is tightening the chain of causality between fossil fuel consumption and extreme weather disasters.

The Case for Climate Reparations

Who should pay the costs for climate-change-related disasters?

On May 22, 2018
@SierraClub shared
RT @billmckibben: The divestment movement is surging--and it needs everyone to climb on board. I'd be grateful if you could share this piece around

Hit Fossil Fuels Where It Hurts – the Bottom Line

The divestment movement is having a big impact, and holdouts may be missing their one great chance to really change the world

On May 18, 2018
@UNFCCC shared
Take part in the Global Youth Climate Video Competition to highlight the #ClimateAction of young people around the world Winners will be invited to #COP24 in Katowice to present their work and be part of our team #ACEnow

2018 Global Youth Climate Video Competition Open for Applications

Bonn, UN Climate Change News, 8 May 2018 – Youth from all over the world can apply until the 31st of August for the 2018 Global Youth Video Competitio...

On Aug 14, 2018
@RoadThruParis shared
Analysis: Renewables create more jobs in Germany than coal in every federal state. So why are coal workers so powerful, when there are so few? via @ClimateHome

Why are German coal workers so powerful, when there are so few?

With Germany slipping from its position as a climate leader, an industry with just 20,000 jobs is dictating policy to the federal government

On Jan 7, 2018
@YebSano shared
RT @gpph: Watch out, Big Polluters! Climate change cases are predicted to make a legal splash this year >>

Climate change cases predicted to make a legal splash in 2018

As legal claims stack up against governments and some of the world's biggest oil and energy companies, experts say there is a growing trend towards more litigation around climate change.

On Nov 1, 2018
@NRDC shared
It's time for aggressive policy changes not only because it's the right thing to do for future generations, but for our economic self-interest and self-preservation. Read more:

Climate change is a global injustice. A new study shows why.

The US is second only to India when it comes to the economic cost of global warming.

On Aug 5, 2018
@ClimateGroup shared
Join our head office: we're seeking an experienced Senior Systems & Project Accountant to help manage the Global Project and Finance Systems and business partnering with project stakeholders. Find out more here:

Senior Systems & Project Accountant

The Climate Group is seeking an experienced Senior Systems & Project Accountant to help manage the Global Project and Finance Systems and business partnering with project stakeholders. ...

On Nov 2, 2018
@ret_ward shared
RT @jackcushmanjr: FEMA’s Flood Maps Are Failing Homeowners | InsideClimate News

FEMA Flood Maps Ignore Climate Change, and Homeowners Are Paying the Price

The flood maps don’t factor in sea level rise or changes in extreme weather, and many are years out of date. In Mexico Beach, 'minimal-risk' homes were swept away.

On Apr 30, 2018
@WRIClimate shared
Kicking off today: #SB48Bonn climate talks featuring Fiji-led Talanoa Dialogue to assess progress under the Paris Agreement and identify opportunities for enhanced #climateaction. Learn more: #StepUp2018 #Talanoa4ambition

Through Talanoa Dialogue, New Paths for Enhanced Action on Climate Change Are Emerging

Members of the international community are meeting in Bonn to continue the Talanoa Dialogue, a year-long process designed to evaluate current NDCs. As hundreds of submissions highlight the ...

On Dec 3, 2018
@insideclimate shared
A coalition of commercial fishers is suing fossil fuel companies, seeking to collect an unspecified amount of damages for fishing losses that they say were caused by climate change.

Crab Fishers Sue Fossil Fuel Industry Over Climate Change Damage

The lawsuit by the largest West Coast commercial fishing association seeks to hold 30 companies accountable for harming shellfish and livelihoods as the ocean warms.

On Sep 9, 2018
@ClimateTracking shared
RT @eribears: As #SB48Bangkok winds down & we look toward @COP24, the message remains the same: #ParisAgreement Implementation Guidelines must ensure rights-based & people centered climate action to fulfill the Paris Spirit. #Katowice4Rights

Last Chance: Progress Needed in Bangkok to Realize Full Vision of Paris Climate Agreement

In next week’s final preparatory meeting before the Paris Climate Agreement Guidelines are finalized, Parties must more explicitly address the social dimensions of climate policies. ...

On Sep 19, 2018
@ClimateDesk shared
Newly found documents from the 1980s show that Shell and Exxon privately predicted the global damage that would be caused by their products via @guardian

Shell and Exxon's secret 1980s climate change warnings

Benjamin Franta: Newly found documents from the 1980s show that fossil fuel companies privately predicted the global damage that would be caused by their products.

On Nov 15, 2018
@LeoHickman shared
Hey, climate scientists... Your dastardly Marxist plot has been rumbled

Brazil's new foreign minister believes climate change is a Marxist plot

Ernesto Araujo has called climate science ‘dogma’ and bemoaned the ‘criminalisation’ of red meat, oil and heterosexual sex

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