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Speaker, Top #Banking #Fintech #AI #IoT #Finserv Influencer. Co-Publisher, The Financial Brand. Owner, Digital Banking Report https://t.co/MuhyYL4wDM

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SOCIAL media business, COGNITIVE talent collaboration analytics, DIGITAL marketing innovation, SPEAKER #fintech #growthhacking #cx #hr, REVIEWER, IBM my views

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SVP Digital Banking @Zafin - Innovation Speaker @SpeakersDotCa former Head of #FinTech @MaRSDD, VP Digital Payments @Mastercard, Head of eCommerce @BlackBerry

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Bringing to life digital disruption & innovation at Lloyds Banking Group, co-author of a research report at MIT on Digital Transformation. Views are my own.

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Delivering the future of banking - today. Working with banks and payments providers to seize the digital opportunity, manage risk, and drive profitability.

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Global FinTech Executive, Advisor, Keynote #Speaker and Blogger. Top 10 #FinTech #Blockchain Influencer.

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Full Time: FinTech, Innovation and Startups. Spare Time: NFL Patriots, College Football Alabama, Craft Beer and Good Food.

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In-depth analysis, perspective and commentary on key issues affecting the banking industry. Sign up to try American Banker: https://t.co/JjDi4i50ka

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London-based mentorship program uniting #FinTech #InsurTech start-ups with banks & insurers | Powered by @Accenture

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Innovation in #tech #education #business CTO CIO #intrapreneur @OxfordSBS #fintech #writer @TeamBlockchain #leader #STEM #digital #VR #AR #IoT NED Trustee

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Partner @avoltapartners ex-CEO @AlternativaPME Inv. @vistaprint @digitalkeys @PepinsNordic #Fintech #startups #Neuilly #Europe #Rugby #Canada #blockchain #ICO

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Data Supply Chain Management Data Governance Data Value Data Quality ETL Data Migration Digitaltransformation Fintech Regtech Nudge Innovation GDPR

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Official posts from The Economist on Business, Finance and Economics. Subscribe to our Money Talks podcast here https://t.co/3cTKbmDJha

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Tech for the way we live. | Facebook & Instagram: @DigitalTrends

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Find out the latest about IBM global events! Managed by Rafiat Kasumu & Ixel Montanini, follows IBM Social Guidelines.

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Fintech correspondent @Reuters | Lots of fintech + other marvelous things| [email protected] | https://t.co/ChxvC5mc4R

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Head of Mobile Deloitte Digital. ex HoM DigitasLBi & Reuters. Mobile Journalism alumni. Fancies photography, likes cartoons, loves chocolate.

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Starling Bank co-founder. Chief Operating Officer - running Banking Operations, Customer Service, HR also responsible for payment systems and key suppliers.

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Chief Platform Officer @StarlingBank. Previously @Xero. San Francisco transplant in London, and lover of all things fintech. 🇺🇸🇬🇧

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THE challenger consultancy; building banks around the globe, creating insights w/ @11FSPulse, entertaining w/ @FinTechInsiders @bchaininsider @instechinsiders

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Streaming News: Bitcoin, Blockchain & Beyond #FINTECH #bitcoin #blockchain #ethereum #venturecapital #startups #smartcontracts #dapps #cryptocurrencies

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