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On Jan 18, 2018
@TelecomTV shared
Explore our brand new channel about #OpenSource on https://t.co/gNGlML9J6o... and browse our #Videos & #Articles to find exclusive content about #SDN #NFV #5G @luminanetworks https://t.co/tI6Jwl7ZX7

Top Open Source

The latest Open Source articles, analysis and insight from TelecomTV

On Jul 9, 2018
@rupert_baines shared
RT @nokianetworks: What is #5G? Everything you need to know about the new wireless revolution (with insight from Nokia's Nick Cadwgan) https://t.co/ypJKo5qN4K via @ZDNet @SMFulton3

What is 5G? Everything you need to know about the new wireless revolution

It is a capital improvement project the size of the entire planet, replacing one wireless architecture created this century with another one that aims to lower energy consumption and ...

On Sep 4, 2018
@nokianetworks shared
RT @keithdyer: TIM, which has a Nokia 3.5GHz MIMO site live in San Marino, says it will have 26GHz on trial before end September. https://t.co/SY616NIOX1 "in order to test its potential in the field with 5G terminals equipped with both bands"

With TIM and NOKIA, San Marino is the first 5G State in Europe

The switch on of the first full 3GPP Rel15 standard 5G site is the first important milestone reached thanks to the combined efforts of TIM, its subsidiary TIM San Marino, NOKIA and the ...

On Apr 2, 2018
@Ciena shared
New report from @BroadbandWN - To #400G & Beyond https://t.co/yWzXaXviSp #ngon2018

To 400G & Beyond

The 400G era has arrived, allowing network operators to squeeze yet more bits from their network assets.

On Jul 26, 2018
@ericsson shared
Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about your future #5G device? Here's a few ideas of what it might look like: https://t.co/c4fb2aNVNn https://t.co/EGbnIgJJvK

Will 5G need an iconic device to drive consumer adoption?

The other day, when waiting for a train at a bustling station, I used my smartphone to immerse myself in a very interesting panel discussion streamed live by the Washington Post via ...

On Mar 9, 2018
@5GWorldSeries shared
Who is in the lead in the race to #5G? Here's what we can learn from recent #5Gtrials: https://t.co/MVDXjEDzni

Why 5G Will Change How We Live and Do Business

Who's in the lead in the race to 5G? Sunetra Chakravarti looks at 5G trials globally and what we can learn from them about the realities of 5G rollout.

On Aug 18, 2018
@ericsson shared
Smart devices may connect you to your home, but they may not connect to each other. Is standardization the key? https://t.co/y33bGxA9v6 https://t.co/8c9sFKKc6d

What happened to my cloud connected home?

About three years ago I wrote a blog post about my connected home, envisioning that we soon would have all our devices in the cloud. But to date, we are still pretty much in the same world ...

On Oct 12, 2018
@nokianetworks shared
[email protected] opened a #5G network in Helsinki. The network will be expanded in the near future as Elisa, @nokia and Helsinki are developing it in collaboration to make #Helsinki the leading European #smartcity. Blog: https://t.co/rG01EgtGNS #5GinAction: https://t.co/trBZN3MEBe https://t.co/0FQVo1IVLH

5G in action

  5G Main Be prepared for 5G 5G business cases

On Aug 17, 2018
@ericsson shared
We're gearing up for #autonomous transport. Our #EricssonONE case study with AstaZero proves just how network technology can make the roads safer - without humans. https://t.co/vnYxfKLBWF https://t.co/DbOjiuwoqQ

The 5G shortcut to safer autonomous transport

Ericsson is collaborating with innovation partners at AstaZero to create safe autonomous transport, thanks to the power of 5G distributed cloud

On Feb 23, 2018
@ericsson shared
First to #5G: We surveyed 900 companies across 10 industries on how they plan to deploy 5G - here are five insights that could determine who might be leading the pack. https://t.co/bMQaH8IfMA https://t.co/tNcK4D13Ja

5G study – Five 5G insights on how industries plan to leverage 5G

Ericsson has asked 10 industries how they plan to leverage 5G in a global study covering 900 companies, with more than 1000 employees each. Five insights on focus, expectations, pain ...

On Aug 18, 2018
@EricssonLabs shared
#5G and Mixed Reality can create cities right before your very eyes. City planning is now becoming even more real: https://t.co/x9Tv7K1xcZ https://t.co/HADKQIIIWk

Sustainable urbanism with mixed reality innovation

Ericsson is innovating the future of city planning with mixed reality and edge computing, allowing communities to see, discuss and even change unbuilt buildings

On Jun 13, 2018
@nokia shared
RT @waldhuber: Top news for all technology developers today. Catch us if you can! 5G in the wild: Verizon and Nokia mark two industry firsts over 3GPP New Radio technology https://t.co/RSWe703w23 via @verizon

5G in the wild: Verizon and Nokia mark two industry firsts over 3GPP New Radio technology

Verizon and Nokia passed a major milestone on the road to commercial 5G deployment with two industry firsts.

On Nov 13, 2018
@5GWorldSeries shared
Rain has unveiled its #5G network it is building in South Africa, with the aim to offer “ultra-broadband” services for home and small business users.→ https://t.co/swdzTU27xA

Rain launches 5G network – Hits 747Mbps download speeds

Rain has launched 5G services in South Africa, offering “ultra-broadband” aimed at home and small business users.

On May 2, 2018
@5GWorldSeries shared
"Many of the revolutionary technologies dominating headlines today, including #AI and the #IoT, will be dependent on #5G to reach their true potential and scale." https://t.co/JjQEtkhJL8

Why 5G is the biggest thing in mobile since the App Store

5G is so vastly superior that it promises to revolutionize the software application experience on a vast and broad basis

On Nov 19, 2018
@InnGritttt shared
RT @nokianetworks: [email protected] Conducts #5G Trial at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi. This successful trial shows how by leveraging @nokia AirScale radio our customers can support innovative services that transform operations & deliver an enhanced end-user experience. #Japan https://t.co/4N0rvUikb6 https://t.co/lTu7aCOUDI

Rakuten Conducts 5G Trial at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi

Tokyo, November 16, 2018 – Rakuten Mobile Network, Inc. announced today the successful completion of a large-scale trial of technologies that demonstrate the capacity for 5G (5th generation ...

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