Top news of the week: 10.03.2020.

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5G Mobile News

On Mar 6, 2020
@gsacom shared
#TheStateof5G 63 operators in 35 countries have launched one or more #3GPP-compliant #5G services (including 55 mobile and 34 FWA services). Find out more on:

LTE & 5G Market Status: Global Snapshot – March 2020

Launched 5G Networks. 63 operators in 35 countries have launched one or more 3GPP-compliant 5G services (including 55 mobile and 34 FWA services)

On Mar 5, 2020
@totaltelecom shared
Aggressive pricing is an understatement for @Rakuten_Mobile's upcoming launch, which is set to include 3 million free subs and plan prices half that of their nearest competitors. How can the incumbent operators respond? #4G #connectivity

Rakuten Mobile launch includes 3 million free subscriptions

Scheduled to launch its mobile service next month, Rakuten’s aggressive pricing strategy could put the Japanese telecoms market in turmoil

On Mar 5, 2020
@WiFiAlliance shared
Curious about the many benefits of #WiFi6? The latest generation of #WiFi brings forward new advantages for businesses, including increased speed and efficiency, as well as network capacity. Here’s more from @techradar:

The real benefits of Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 offers to increase network capacity for businesses

On Mar 3, 2020
@5GWorldSeries shared
Have you cast your vote for the Most Innovative Regulator of the Year yet? We need you to decide who should take home the award at #5GLATAM 2020! →


Vote for your Most Innovative Regulator Award 2020 for 5G Latin America

On Mar 5, 2020
@HuaweiWireless shared
How did #Sunrise go from operating all of its frequencies from one pole to becoming a major global player in #5G? @Dariotalmesio from @Ovum tells us why the sun won’t set on this company’s ambitions: #5GGearUp

Sunrise shows how to become a global 5G leader despite operating in a challenging environment

Becoming an international 5G beacon is not easy, and it’s even more difficult when the local regulatory and market environment represents a hurdle. Sunrise in Switzerland did just that: it ...

On Mar 4, 2020
@Mavenir shared
RT @mikeddano: MY LATEST: Trump is expected to approve up to $1 billion to replace Huawei's gear in the US with products from "trusted" suppliers. Vendors ranging from @nokia to @ericsson to @Mavenir to @COMSovereign are falling over themselves to get all that cash.

5G players dance for US government's anti-Huawei money

Billions of dollars in US government money is being dangled in front of vendors that can provide secure 5G equipment.

On Mar 3, 2020
@FierceWireless shared
From a consumer’s standpoint, "I don’t know that 5G has a dramatic effect today" - @USCellular CEO #5G #smartphones

U.S. Cellular CEO downplays immediate 5G impact on consumers

U.S. Cellular is starting to turn on its 5G network in parts of Iowa and Wisconsin this year, so the regional carrier probably is not in a rush to hear its competitors sing the praises of ...

On Mar 6, 2020
@nokianetworks shared
Celebrations underway!🎉🎖️@DellOroGroup announces that we are now #1 in #IP Edge #Routing worldwide for the first time and we can't thank our customers enough for reaching this epic milestone. Read more in our @manishOttawa's latest blog.

A Proud Moment for Nokia: #1 in IP Edge Routing

Dell’Oro, a market research firm, have just announced that Nokia is now #1 in IP Edge Routing worldwide for the first time. This is a proud moment for us and a gratifying result after more ...