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Award-winning technologist, bestselling author, CISSP 1996, MSc 2016. Researching life, hoping to make it better for more people. Partner of amazing @Chey_Cobb

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UK Cyber Information Security Expert, Blogger, Writer & Security Professional CISSP, certified Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, ISO27001 Lead & PCI ISA.

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Advances information security. Grows tech businesses. Fights malware. // CISO @AxoniusInc, Instructor and Author @SANSInstitute

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Information security #InfoSec - #SIEM, #DFIR, #EDR ... formerly VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner! Now doing security product strategy @Google #Cloud

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Independent journalist and tech content creation specialist covering data security and privacy, business intelligence, big data and data analytics

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Infosec writer, editor & "thought leader.” Plenty of bandwidth available since #coronavirus stay at home hit. Please stay safe.

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Expert in information security management (ISO 27001 standard) and business continuity management (ISO 22301/BS 25999-2 standard)

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CEO of @Kaspersky. 30+ years in #cybersecurity. Views are my own

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Founder & CTO of Security Weekly

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Cyber Intelligence Expert at @csis_cyber. Threat hunter. TEDx speaker. Forbes 30 under 30. Digital rights and privacy enthusiast. Tweets belong to my parrot.

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Snr Advisor @CISAgov | Protector | Philosopher | Co-Founder https://t.co/FOfIaMx5Tk & https://t.co/szaUmgPzwT | "Lighthouse Keeper" // comment are my own

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Romanian antihacker from another planet; chief paleontologist; director of Global Research and Analysis Team at @kaspersky. Tweets are my own. 1. e4

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Hacker Attaché :: https://t.co/8j6qF4LQMi :: [email protected] :: PGP https://t.co/jgjIg4pBJe :: Не верь, не бойся, не проси :: you can’t defeat a meme with an exploit

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A 107 year old #cybesec guy who values ethics, trust, friendship, teamwork. Retired from ICANN now with Interisle Consulting Group. Golden Retriever lover.

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Co-founder & CEO @Altitude Past: CISO @Twitter, Head of Security @Mozilla, @OWASP Chairman, Top 30 Security Startup https://t.co/cEApvK7RdO

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HealthcareInfoSecurity brings you the most up-to-date healthcare security, #HIPAA and risk management news. Part of the @ISMG_News network.

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Journalist - cybersecurity/national security. Author of COUNTDOWN TO ZERO DAY: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon. Speaker. Signal user

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Independent investigative journalist. Covers cybercrime, security, privacy. Author of 'Spam Nation,' a NYT bestseller. Former Washington Post reporter, '95-'09

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think bad, do good. | https://t.co/uig6zP92zQ | @openpathsec

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Systems security, author https://t.co/LUiVUeE6gN, https://t.co/rzDVLlLn6y, write SciFi, & sysadmin. Microsoft MVP, Client Security 2018. they/them/tay

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Executive Editor at Dark Reading, but most of my family and friends have no clue what I do. My opinions posted here are mine only.

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