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On Jul 3, 2019
@egrefen shared
RT @GoAbiAryan: Why does most of the bad reporting always happen around games esp OpenAI and DeepMind products? Is over-promising the key reason? Or is it simply the Placebo Effect?

Transform 2019: Hear from the movers and shakers in AI

Artificial intelligence is transforming business and offering significant strategic and practical opportunities, from natural language processing and smart speech to IoT and edge computing. ...

On Feb 15, 2019
@AlecRad shared
RT @mtrc: Shoutout to @katyanna_q who fed the system a curveball, which I always like to see. As you might expect by now after seeing AlphaStar, OpenAI 5 etc. etc., if you drag the system away from its training data and into weirder territory, it begins to wobble.

Roses are red, this is sublime: We fed OpenAI's latest chat bot a classic Reg headline

'Not safe on database server!' it screamed back as its makers resist releasing full code in case it's abused

On Jun 7, 2019
@thinkmariya shared
RT @kateconger: Alan Turing never had an obituary in the New York Times. Until now.

Overlooked No More: Alan Turing, Condemned Code Breaker and Computer Visionary

His ideas led to early versions of modern computing and helped win World War II. Yet he died as a criminal for his homosexuality.

On May 30, 2019
@NandoDF shared
Interview with Geoff Hinton

An AI Pioneer Explains the Evolution of Neural Networks

Google's Geoff Hinton was a pioneer in researching the neural networks that now underlie much of artificial intelligence. He persevered when few others agreed.

On May 28, 2019
@AlisonBLowndes shared
Kurzweil calls AlexNet "AlexaNet" ?? Kind of ironic he's mistaking the iconic ex @GoogleAI now @dessa Tech Advisor Alex Krizhevsky with @Amazon's #AI! #AIforgood

The inside story of how AI got good enough to dominate Silicon Valley

You might not know Alex Khrizhevsky's name, but he changed the world of AI forever.

On May 14, 2019
@thinkmariya shared
Emmanuel Ameisen of Insight Data Science has written a detailed but still accessible tutorial that covers a range of #ML approaches to tackling NLP problems, starting with the simplest method and moving on to more nuanced approaches. #AI #NLP

How To Solve 90% Of NLP Problems: A Step-By-Step Guide

Using Machine Learning to understand and leverage text.

On Jan 4, 2019
@stanfordnlp shared
Geoff Hinton on importance of university research—“One worry is that the most fertile source of genuinely new ideas is graduate students being well advised in a university. They have the freedom to come up with genuinely new ideas—we need to preserve that”

The 'Godfather of Deep Learning' on Why We Need to Ensure AI Doesn't Just Benefit the Rich

Martin Ford made waves with his 2015 book, Rise of the Robots, which details the many accelerating trends in automation and how they’re slated to impact business and, especially, ...

On May 11, 2019
@haldaume3 shared
RT @wgussml: Excited to announce our #NeurIPS2019 competition: The MineRL Competition for Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning! With @rsalakhu @katjahofmann @diego_pliebana @flippnflops @svlevine @OriolVinyalsML @chelseabfinn and others! Participate here!

Sign up for the competition now!

The Task: Obtain Diamond in Minecraft Minecraft is a 3D, first-person, open-world game centered around the gathering of resources and creation of structures and items. The agent begins in a ...

On Jun 30, 2019
@janexwang shared
RT @joavanschoren: We have just opened an exciting #job opportunity as a #postdoc to work on automated #machinelearning (#AutoML) as part of my #Amazon Research Award. We aim to build an AutoML Gym to train top-notch AutoML methods - with #metalearning. Please RT! #ai #ml

Post-doctoral fellow on automatic machine learning (V32.4006)

Challenging post-doctoral fellowship on automated machine learning (AutoML). We are building an AutoML playground (an 'AutoML Gym') to train AutoML systems on many different problems and ...

On Oct 11, 2019
@ylecun shared
RT @gradientpub: The war between ML frameworks has raged on since the rebirth of deep learning. Who is winning? @cHHillee's data analysis shows clear trends: PyTorch is winning dramatically among researchers, while Tensorflow still dominates industry. #PyTorch #Tensorflow

The State of Machine Learning Frameworks in 2019

Since deep learning regained prominence in 2012, many machine learning frameworks have clamored to become the new favorite among researchers and industry practitioners. From the early ...

On Mar 22, 2019
@mat_kelcey shared
RT @lilianweng: If you are, like me, often ponder over the question of why DNN with so many parameters can generalize without severe overfitting, check this out:

Are Deep Neural Networks Dramatically Overfitted?

If you are, like me, confused by why deep neural networks can generalize to out-of-sample data points without drastic overfitting, keep on reading.

On Jul 6, 2019
@rsalakhu shared
RT @MSFTResearch: The Machine Learning Summer School gives a broad overview of machine learning topics to help train the next generation of ML researchers. See when MSR's @KatjaHofman will speak about RL and find out how to enter the MineRL Competition 2019 in Minecraft:

Machine Learning Summer School 2019 MLSS – Mid Course Reception

Venue: British Library 96 Euston Road London NW1 2DB Walking Map Event for MLSS attendees and invited guests only. Website: MLSS 2019

On May 14, 2019
@weballergy shared
RT @chipro: Top trends I saw at #ICLR2019 include the rise of unsupervised representation learning, RNN losing its luster, GANs still dominating, RL moving towards meta-learning, the return of old school ideas. Great conference for not only ideas but also motivation

Top 8 trends from ICLR 2019

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t reflect the view of any of the organizations I’m associated with and is probably peppered with my personal and institutional bi...

On Nov 15, 2019
@peteskomoroch shared
RT @OReillyMedia: Is #AI a lie? At O'Reilly Foo Camp 2019, @stochastician pierces the hype around artificial intelligence

“AI is a lie”

Eric Jonas on AI hype and questions of ethics.

On May 25, 2019
@weballergy shared
RT @demishassabis: Great interview with Fan Hui: “Before I played #AlphaGo, I felt like I knew the world, like I knew many things. But afterwards, everything changed. Now I really believe everything is possible, because I saw something that people thought was impossible.”

Fan Hui: What I learned from losing to DeepMind’s AlphaGo

In Ridley Scott’s seminal 1982 film Blade Runner, the sinister Tyrell corporation manufactures eerily human-like robots under the company slogan ‘more European Go champion Fan Hui made ...

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