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Computational Linguistics—Natural Language—Machine Learning—Deep Learning @chrmanning—@jurafsky—@percyliang—@ChrisGPotts—@tatsu_hashimoto at @StanfordAILab

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Artificial Intelligence expert, Deep Learning #ML research, ex-R☆/Guerrilla #AI Developer, co-Founded #CreativeAI. Director @nuclai conference. #⚘

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Deep learning @google. Creator of Keras. Author of 'Deep Learning with Python'. Opinions are my own.

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News & info about GPU accelerated data centers for high performance computing (HPC), supercomputing, AI/deep learning & AI-accelerated analytics.

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🇦🇺 Distinguished research scientist: @usfca Deep learning R&D & education: https://t.co/ZvDGNlehRt Software: https://t.co/GMYkPDXNW3 Book: https://t.co/1YSqXvWW87 Course: https://t.co/Q2qMl59EfH

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I research intelligence to understand what we are, and to harness it wisely. I work at DeepMind and with CIFAR. Before, I was a UBC and Oxford professor.

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Prof (CS @Stanford), Co-Director @StanfordHAI, CoFounder/Chair @ai4allorg, Researcher #AI #computervision #ML AI+healthcare

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I was into data before it was big.

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Cofounder-CTO @CuraiHQ. Former Quora VP Eng. Led ML algos at Netflix. ML, AI, eHealth, Recsys, Software. Catalan in the Valley. Long distance runner & Ironman.

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Engineer at @Inria, scikit-learn developer supported by https://t.co/6xVeamXYPa. Tweets about Python and Machine Learning / Deep Learning.

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Professor at NYU. Chief AI Scientist at Facebook. Researcher in AI, Machine Learning, etc. ACM Turing Award Laureate.

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Director of AI at Tesla. Previously a research scientist at OpenAI and CS PhD student at Stanford. I like to train deep neural nets on large datasets 🧠🤖💥

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CTO of Jetpac, bought by Google. Apple alumnus, O'Reilly author, blogger, on the TensorFlow team at Google doing deep learning. Email: [email protected]

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Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford CS adjunct faculty. Former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain. #ai #machinelearning, #deeplearning #MOOCs

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Deep learner. Inventor of GANs. Lead author of https://t.co/GXx4YfpW7O

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Has AI made the world better yet? Let's get on that. Director at Apple. Fmr Stanford PhD, Director Baidu SVAIL, @khoslaventures. #deeplearning #HPC #AI

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Machine Learning Advisor & Investor. Past: Co-Founder & CEO @SkipFlag (acquired 2018) | @Accel EIR | Data Science Leader @LinkedIn | ML @AOL @MIT

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French/American/British AI/ML Research Scientist at @FacebookAI (FAIR), Honorary Associate Prof at @UCL, @ELLISforEurope Fellow. Ex @CompSciOxford, @DeepMind.

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Director of Applied Science @GoogleAI: #ClimateChange, #AIforScience, #QuantumComputing, @GoogleColab

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UPMC Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University

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Machine Learning Researcher, CS Professor (@PrincetonCS), Entrepreneur (@Whetlab, acquired by @Twitter), Former Podcaster (@TlkngMchns), Dad, Woodworker

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