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On Jan 22, 2019
@MistyRobotics shared
Cloud #Robotics: Part 2 of the #Robot Development Platforms Series #developers

Cloud Robotics

If you’re a developer interested in robots, you may have heard the news—we’re experiencing a “moment” in cloud robotics services.

On Jan 24, 2019
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RT @joelbeckerman: As we (rightly) debate what robots should look like, we must also question what sounds they make and whether they have voices (humanoid or otherwise).

The case against anthropomorphizing robots

It’s a violation against one of Dieter Rams’s key principles of good design, according to the author of one new study.

On Jan 23, 2019
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These Smart Seafaring #Robots Have a Whole New Set of Skills @singularityhub #Sea #UAV #AI

These Smart Seafaring Robots Have a Whole New Set of Skills

New seafaring robots—leveraging artificial intelligence, machine vision, and advanced sensors—are beginning to plunge into the ocean depths.