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On Jan 22, 2019
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RT @therobotreport: 10 #robotics companies to watch in 2019:

10 robotics companies to watch in 2019

Here are 10 robotics companies to watch in 2019 that are developing essential tools for robotics developers or solving difficult robotics problems.

On Jan 22, 2019
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Cloud #Robotics: Part 2 of the #Robot Development Platforms Series #developers

Cloud Robotics

If you’re a developer interested in robots, you may have heard the news—we’re experiencing a “moment” in cloud robotics services.

On Jan 24, 2019
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RT @joelbeckerman: As we (rightly) debate what robots should look like, we must also question what sounds they make and whether they have voices (humanoid or otherwise).

The case against anthropomorphizing robots

It’s a violation against one of Dieter Rams’s key principles of good design, according to the author of one new study.