Top news of the week: 19.11.2019.

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On Nov 18, 2019
@Miles_Brundage shared
RT @WIRED: Opinion: "AI for good projects often amount to pilot beta testing with unproven technologies. It’s unacceptable to experiment in the real world on vulnerable people, especially without their meaningful consent."

Opinion: AI For Good Is Often Bad

Trying to solve poverty, crime, and disease with (often biased) technology doesn’t address their root causes.

On Nov 17, 2019
@singularityu shared
Can you imagine using Rocket Travel to get from New York to Shanghai in 39 minutes?

Within 10 Years, We’ll Travel by Hyperloop, Rockets, and Avatars

There are now ten major Hyperloop One projects—in various stages of development—spread across the globe. Hyperloop is targeting certification in 2023.

On Nov 13, 2019
@karpathy shared
RT @animesh_garg: Scaling crowdsourcing robotics with Human Reasoning & Dexterity for Large-Scale Dataset Creation Blog: Paper: Webpage: @AjayMandlekar @yukez @silviocinguetta @drfeifei J. Booher, M. Spero, A. Tung, A. Gupta

RoboTurk: Human Reasoning and Dexterity for Large-Scale Dataset Creation

Large datasets have been shown to facilitate robot intelligence. By collecting diverse datasets for tasks such as grasping and stacking, robots are able to learn from this data to grasp and ...